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At this moment, Shopkeeper Tian started to present the item in the small brocade box.

“A set of Gold Beetle Swarm Blades, with one mother blade and eight children blades. It was created from fine iron and gold. Refined by a Foundation Establishment expert for three days and three nights. So long as one holds the mother blade, one can simultaneously control the eight children blades to attack the enemy, causing the enemy to be unable to defend against these incomparably sharp blades.” He introduced the set of peculiar light gold blades while pointing to its case.

Han Li did not speak and carefully examined the handle for a moment. He nodded his head and put it down.

“Flying Dark-Iron Shield, a very scarcely seen defensive magic tool. It was refined from a large chunk of Cold Yin Earth. Not only is it incomparable solid and indestructible, it’s also embedded with a spell. It can revolve in any direction and automatically defend,” said Shopkeeper Tian while picking up a tiny shield the size of a palm. Then he passed it over to Han Li to let him carefully look over it.

Han Li took the shield into his hand and lightly stroked its decorative design. After he muttered to himself for a moment, he asked, “Can I try out the spell for a moment?”

“Of course you can. Brother Li, please do not hesitate to use it!” Shopkeeper Tian said in a relaxed manner.

Since he said as such, Han Li was not polite and slowly poured magic power into the shield in his hand.

As a result, the metal shield shined a black light. In a blink of an eye, it enlarged several times over, and it even flew out of his hand and floated in the air. Furthermore, it slowly began to circle around him. Its size seemed just enough to cover a few vital points on the body.

Han Li was pleased. After attentively controlling it for a moment, he could control its movement as he pleased, much to his expectation; it was quite nifty and agile.

After trying it out, Han Li was very pleased with that magic tool. What he was currently most lacking was this kind of life-saving magic tool. With this shield, his odds of surviving the Forbidden Trial of Blood and Fire was surely to increase quite a bit.

However, Han Li hadn’t immediately express anything. He simply returned the iron shield to the box without speaking. Then he waited for the other party to continue their presentations.

Shopkeeper Tian was not at all discontented with Han Li’s method of handling things and continued to enthusiastically recommend the next article, a blue ball the size of a pill.

“Heavenly Lightning Seed. Several hundred years ago, after a mysterious expert accidentally severed heavenly lightning, hemanaged to successfully condensed it. Each grain possesses great power. It is said that even if a Foundation Establishment expert resisted this lightning head-on, he was certain to turn to ash and smoke. There were originally seventy-three grains. However, after the passage of time, there

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