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While Han Li was on the outer edges of the forest, he found a dense, large tree. When he jumped on top of the tree to recover his strength, the entire forbidden area had reached the first climax of the Trial of Blood and Fire’s massacre.

Various strong individuals revealed their fangs one by one and began to purge the nearby weaklings. The closer they were to the center of the area, the more frequent and bloody the massacres became.

Of course, “experts” of equivalent strength would occasionally run into each other. They would look past the other person and reach a wordless, mutual understanding, simply brushing past one another. It was not time for them to do battle yet.

With this said, of the many disciples from various sects in the forbidden area, the majority could be divided into three types of people!

One kind werethose who were extremely weak, people whose cultivation were only around the eleventh or even tenth layer.

They all had very different reasons for entering this forbidden area; if it wasn’t because of hardships against their will, it was because they were forced, or it was because they were hopeful in their luck to take advantage of a crisis for their own gain. Regardless of their reasons, they were all part of the bloody massacre’s lowest level, only able to play the role of being slaughtered.

Often after the first day in this forbidden area—apart from a few people with the most clever and particular self-preservation methods—these weaklings were almost completely purged by others.

Of course, people like Han Li could rely on strange treasures and fierce incisiveness, but he could be considered an exception!

The second kind were those like the fully bearded man; although their magic power was not weak, their self-regard and strength could not compare with the experts, and they were aware that to obtain a spiritual item was beyond hope. They were unwilling to battle with the highest-layer experts inside the forbidden area for the spiritual herbs, instead turning their attention to the first type of people. They intended to use this opportunity to kill these people and steal their treasures, quietly becoming very rich.

These kinds of people inside of the Trial of Blood and Fire, for the first two days, were quite active. When the third day began, however, the remaining victors would automatically lie low in the forbidden area, refusing to reveal themselves anymore.

This was because they were very clear that after the third day it was time for the “experts” to have showdowns with one another. If these middle-strength people ran into such an expert during this time, it would absolutely be a one-way trip to death.

Of course, there were also a few who were either arrogant or did not have a grasp of their own strength and would charge directly into center of the battle for the spiritual medicines. Their bodies would never be found.

However, most of the people grabbed opportunities early an

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