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After walking on the route for a little less than half a day, Han Li finally reached the outer reaches of the central area.

Han Li felt that something was unusual; the entire way here, absolutely nothing had occurred, and he hadn’t run into anybody else attacking him from afar!

Of course, he couldn’t know that the people who had come in the same direction earlier had all been killed off by those so-called “elites”. The people behind him, on the other hand, were disposed of, having run into Feng Yue and the woman with many treasures.

Like that, although there were some fish that escaped the net, they all knew that to steal treasures from others was impossible at this point. Thus, they covered up their tracks and found a place to hide, sticking their head into the ground like an ostrich. This was the open secret of how the weaker cultivators would preserve their own lives in the Trial by Blood and Fire!

If Han Li wanted to obtain the three main ingredients to refine his Foundation Establishment Pill, he obviously could not follow in their footsteps. That was why he currently stoodin front of a stone wall about ten metershigh, intently looking at it with a strange expression.

On the side of the stone wall, not too far away, stood an interesting and appealing large bronze door. The door had many markings on it that Han Li could not understand; they were written in an ancient language that almost looked like a decorative design.

Since this copper door was wide open today, people must have already gone through it.

According to the information that Han Li knew, there should have been four kinds of these copper doors, each one in each of the cardinal directions. They were the only entrances into the central area. The areas not including the doors were surrounded by a stone wall that didn’t seem to be too high.

If one didn’t want to enter through the bronze doors, instead wanting to seize every possibly opportunity and jump over the stone wall to get into the central area, these people would definitely be incredibly unlucky. They would be sliced into shreds by the wall’s wind restriction spell.

Of course, Han Li knew this and naturally wouldn’t idiotically choose to climb over the wall. The only reason he was closely watching the wall’s movements was entirely because this section of the wall was truly somewhat different from the others. Its surface contained an extra “thing” that other normal walls did not have.

On top of this wall stood three people wearing different clothing. They had been impaled by a thick ice awl, their limbs nailed together to form the Chinese character “large (?)”, which hung on top of the wall in a row. Seeing that there was no odor at all, they must’ve already been dead for a long time.

The fresh blood that poured out of the four wounds coagulated into a purplish-black solid; this solid was all over the place, both on top of the wall and nearby. According to Han Li’s speculations, at

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