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Martial Uncle Wang took Han Li with him on a leaf-shaped magic tool and flew for a couple of hours. They landed on a lush verdant mountain range, within an area crowded with flat houses. These shabby houses were built using rocks from the mountain, and there wasn’t a single person inside these houses. They seemed like they were all empty, and this puzzled Han Li!

“Don’t be surprised. These houses are truly empty. This place is meant for the new disciples to live in until they improved their magic power, then they will move out and look for somewhere else to live. It happens it is currently the beginning of the ten-yearrotational cycle. The new disciples haven’t joined the sect yet, so the houses are temporarily empty,” Martial Uncle Wang spotted Han Li’s confusion and explained softly. This cleared Han Li’s bewilderment.

Martial Uncle Wang led Han Li the way as they walked among houses, making so many turns that Han Li felt dizzy. Then they finally stopped at a house that was larger than the other normal stone houses. He didn’t explained much to Han Li and started yelling loudly,“Junior Martial Brother Lin, open the door. I brought a new disciple to pick up the items!”

As soon as Martial Uncle Wang finished yelling, the door opened outwards automatically in a whoosh. Seeing this, Martial Uncle Wang walked in without any hesitation. Han Li paused a little, and followed him into the house.

Inside the house, it was more spacious than it looked outside. This amazed Han Li, wondering what the house was tempered with.

But the specific situation inside the house gave Han Li a certain feeling, and it was the word “messy.”

All kinds of different items were piled here and there. Some were clothes, some were weapons such as knives and swords. But from the wave of spiritual power the weapons were giving off, they seemed to actually be pretty well-made magic tools.

Aside from these things, there were also some other daily items such as shovels and hammers. Those items were also giving off strong spiritual power, it seemed like the items had been. refined into something like a magic tool. This broadened Han Li’s horizons. What kind of special effect did these tools have?

At the center of the house, there was an eight-seater square table. Facing the door and sitting behind the table was an old man in gray clothes with fluffy hair. The old man ignored them as the two of them walked in the house, instead being focused on a small shiny knife, carving a yellow wood about the size of his palms that he held in his hands.

Martial Uncle Wang saw this, he frowned slightly, but his facial expression turned back to normal immediately. He didn’t walk up and interrupt the old man working, instead he pulled a chair from the corner of the room, sat across the old man, and waited quietly for the old man to finish carving the wood.

Han Li blinked his eyes when he saw the situation and stood behind Martial Uncle Wang without saying a wor

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