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“Haha! I found it! I knew that Junior Martial Sister was certain to carry it with her, and sure enough, I was right!” Senior Martial Brother Lu was wild with joy, finding a small red wooden box after rummaging through her things.

He had already opened the lid, but because of Han Li’s angle, Han Li could not clearly see what was within the box. His curiosity was extremely great, but he didn’t dare to act blindly.

It should be known that since this person was so savage as to able to act against his own female companion, if he were to discover this Junior Martial Brother, he was certain to kill Han Li in order to silence him. He would not be left alone.

In addition, he previously witnessed the power of the other party’s wind attribute magic techniques. Regardless of whether it was used to attack or defend, they were incomparably sharp. How could someone compete against this all-purpose magic? Even more was that the other party’s magic power was far deeper than his own, at the center of the twelfth layer. Just like that, regardless of magic power or magic techniques, he was at an absolute disadvantage. It appeared that he had no chances of success.

But Han Li knew that if he truly fought with his all, he would be able to contend against him. After all, with his original magic tools and the magic tools he had just acquired, he couldn’t possibly be a pushover. If that moment came, it would be uncertain who would kill whom.

Regardless, Han Li had no interesting in using his life to play hero and save the beauty. After all, he had no relations to that Junior Martial Sister Chen. It was she who had eyes but did not notice that she took an ingrate for a lover, thereby delivering herself to him. Who was to blame? Why would Han Li want to put his life on the line for no reason or cause? He certainlydidn't have such a great resolve.

As a result, he intended to quietly watch this show until the end. Afterwards when that “Senior Martial Brother Lu” walked away, he would have nothing to do with him. Naturally, Han Li would be certain to later pay more attention to this “Senior Martial Brother Lu”. After all, this was the first time he had seen a person capable of becoming this cruel and savage. Seeing him this ruthless, Han Li could only concede defeat.

With this thought, Han Li stealthily used the Qi Restraining Technique he had recently learned. He feared that the other party would accidentally react to his existence and cause him to have no option but to fiercely fight to the end.

At this moment, “Senior Martial Brother Lu” placed the small wooden box into his own storage pouch. Then he depravedly laughed several times and moved closer to “Junior Martial Sister Chen” at his side.

He excitedly proceeded to tear away the maiden’s clothing while speaking his thoughts to himself, causing Han Li, hidden to the side, to tremble with disgust upon hearing him.

“Junior Martial Sister, you mustn’t blame me! There is nothing Bro

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