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Han Li’s and Senior Martial Brother Lu’s magic power was being steadily being absorbed into the ‘sword talisman’ and the ‘Azure Flood Dragon Banner’. Both their bodies and minds were focused on their struggle. They didn’t dare to be careless or negligent in the slightest.

Neither of them held anyeffort or magic powerin reserveto prevent the other fromoverwhelming them. They both clearly understood that the slightest carelessness on eitherside would cause them to immediately lose their life along with the treasure; there was no longer a path for retreat.

Thus, the struggle between the azure flood dragon and the huge sword unexpectedly developed into a battle of attrition to see whose magic power would be exhausted first.

When the two realized that the quantity of their remainingmagic power wasthe crucial point of the battle, they both took action to increase their own spiritual power. They took out spirit stones and held them in their hand to absorb their magic power.

However, Senior Martial Brother Lu had a low-grade wind attribute spirit stone, while Han Li had a mid-grade earth attribute spirit stone. This discovery caused Senior Martial Brother Lu’s complexion to become unsightly, and he became exceptionally frightened and alarmed.

A Qi Condensation disciple unexpectedly possessed a mid-grade spirit stone that only sect cultivators at Foundation Establishment or higher could obtain.This greatly surprised himas itwas widely knownthat mid-grade spirit stones replenished spiritual power far faster than low-grade spirit stones. In terms of replenishing spiritual power, he was at a great disadvantage.

Regardless, Senior Martial Brother thought better of it. His magic power was already much deeper than his opponent’s. Even if his opponent replenished his magic power faster than he did, he wouldn’t be able to persist for long. After all, the little bit of magic power that was replenished would be consumed at the same rate as it was used. It was truly insignificant.

With this thought, Senior Martial Brother Lu calmed down and concentrated.

But when Senior Martial Brother Lu saw Han Li’s next action, Senior Martial Brother Lu’s expressionchanged once more to an appearance of disbelief and amazement.

Han Li voluntarily removed his blue protective barrier in front of Senior Martial Brother Lu and openly revealed his true body.

Although Senior Martial Brother Lu was outstandingly intelligent, his opponent’s actions caused his mind to be in a state of confusion. He did not know what Han Li was thinking.

Could it be that Han Li was no longer worried that his wind blades could take his life?

Senior Martial Brother Lu’s thoughts surgedseveral times throughout his mind but did not hesitate for long. He decisively extended his left hand toward the sky and formed a faint azure wind blade.

However, Han Li did not wait for Senior Martial Brother Lu to finish condensing his wind blade and flung his arm toward th

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