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The white-clothed woman, seeing that her magic tool was effective and had blocked Han Li’s gold blade, revealed a content expression on her face.

“I was wondering why you would jump out as if you had overestimated your abilities! It turns out that you have a top quality magic tool!” she laughed derisively. However without hesitation, she flipped her hand again, revealing a pink-colored crystal ball. She held it out and pressed it againsther forehead.

“Not good, this crystal ball can corrode other people’s magic tools. Junior Martial Brother, stop her quickly; all of my magic tools were destroyed in this manner,” the yellow-robed female hastily warned as her face’s color greatly changed.

Han Li’s heart thumped once, and he raised his hand without thinking, throwing out the silver hook that he had just wrapped in his hand. The hook became a streak of silver light and flew towards the female’s crystal ball.

The white-clothed female;s mouth slightly slanted, and her ten fingers pinched together a strange incantation gesture. She hit the crystal ball on her forehead with a streak of red light.

As a result, the crystal ball that had sucked in the magic power began to emit large amounts of red light and began to spin on its own. Then, it spurted forth streams of pink liquid, which took the shape of a liquid cloud with the round ball as its center. Although it was only about ten meters, it covered the space above the woman in a bright red sheet.

Han Li hesitated for a moment, unwilling to allow the silver hook to shoot into the red liquid so easily. Instead, he maneuvered it into dipping downwards, heading directly for the white-clothed woman underneath.

At the same time, he also took another high quality magic tool——an azure rope. He quietly threw it out, as sneakily as if it were a spirit snake. The rope stuck closely to the ground and silently advanced forward.


The white-clothed female suddenly pointed the crystal ball, and the cloud of liquid immediately split off a small piece, which flew to the ground. In an instant, it wrapped up the white light passing from below into itself and caused it to decelerate enough to reveal the silver hook’s original shape!

Seeing all of this, Han Li grew anxious in his heart. However, he bluntly decided to abandon the silver hook. Soon after, he hurried the azure rope to stealthily and securely tie up the white-clothed woman, temporarily tying both her and her barrier into a large

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