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The hall Han Li stood in was very peculiar. The cylindrical-shaped, enormous room was roughly over a hundred meters wide and about fifteen meters tall. The green stone wall surrounding the area had light-red crystals embedded within, and on the floor there was a thin layer of white sand, which made the whole hall seem clean and tidy.

But if someone were to look up, they would be stunned to find white stalactites hanging down everywhere from the ceiling. This place was actually a stalactite cave, and it was slightly transformed by people into how it looked like today.

Surrounding the hall were three evenly-spaced tunnels. Two of the tunnels were marked with the character “Tool ?” and the character “Pill ?.” There was nothing carved on the last tunnel, nor were there any labels nearby.

Since there was no one in the hall at the moment, Han Li swept his eyes across the room, hesitated a little, and went to the tunnel with the character “Pill ?” carved at its entrance.

The tunnel wasn’t long. After more than ten steps and a turn, a slightly larger house appeared at the end of the tunnel. In the house there was a long table, and an old man with his face glowing stood beside the table as he looked at Han Li with a big grin.

And behind the table, there were several old, worn out shelves against the wall, the tops covered with cauldron furnaces, raw materials, and some other random, strange items that Han Li had never heard of before.

The old man, smiling broadly, spoke before Han Li could say anything, “Young Friend, you look unfamiliar. It’s your first time here, isn’t it! Less and less new faces are coming to this damned place! An old fellow like me is already tired of all these stiff, old faces here. It’s great to see a younger, new face!” The old man shook his head and said with a welcoming tone.

Han Li already realized that the Heaven Eye’s Technique didn’t work on the old man. He couldn’t tell the depth of the old man’s cultivation, which meant that the old man was another expert of Foundation Establishment. How could Han Li dare to ignore him!

And so, he immediately paid his respects and said, “Junior greets Senior Martial Uncle. This is Martial Nephew’s first time here at Yue Lu Hall. Senior Martial Uncle please point me in the right direction!” Han Li humbled himself before this senior.

“Young Friend, if you have any questions, just ask. Also, I am surnamed Xu. Call me Senior Uncle Xu or Elder Xu. Don’t call me Senior Martial Uncle. An old fellow like me doesn’t like hearing that!” The Elder immediately corrected his title to Han Li. It seemed like he cared about it considerably.

“Then… Junior will obey!” Han Li hesitated, and agreed since it wasn’t a big deal. He felt that the old man was strange.

“That’s right, now let’s talk about why you’re here.” The old man surnamed Xu continued in satisfaction.

“Junior wants to look for formulas related to medicine pills, read some books, and research the

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