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At the northern region of the Jian Province, at some desert mountain at the border of the State of Yue and the State of Yuan Wu, stood several tens of yellow-clothed people of various height. Their clothes were fluttering with the wind, and their ages had nothing in common; there were some who were old and gray-haired with a face full of wrinkles, near the end of their lives, as well as smooth-skinned, white-teethed and red-lipped juveniles who had yet to enter adulthood. They all stood silently in rows.

At the front was naturally an imposing old man. With his hands behind his back, he motionlessly looked toward the sky, lost in thought. There were four men and one woman behind him, each with a respectful bearing. Among them was that Martial Uncle Wang who had brought Han Li to enter the sect. He currently had a solemn expression.

Behind those five people, there were two orderly rows of yellow-clothed disciples, all with different expressions. A few were nervous, others were either ill at ease, unconcerned, or even glancing all around. There were a few smiling silently, not showing their true intentions.

At the end of the last row, there was a common dark-skinned youth with lowered eyes. He had been looking at the edge of his feet from the very beginning. He didn’t dare to shift his gaze in the slightest, seeming unusually shy.

However, none of these people knew that this yellow boy was silently cursing with resentment.

This youth who was different from the others was Han Li. The group of yellow-clothed individuals were the Yellow Maple Valley’s disciples who were about to join the Trial by Blood and Fire.

Han Li ultimately decided to participate in this almost certain-death excursion. The matter of the two Foundation Establishment Pills was a hapless joke.

A month before, after Han Li found the method to take the Foundation Establishment Pill from Wu Feng, he was greatly shocked.

It turned out that those taking the Foundation Establishment Pill must enter seclusion for three months and must use up all of the medicinal power before exiting. Otherwise, the medicinal power would scatter,greatly reducing the pill’s efficacy. That was why finding out whether or not one succeeded in reaching Foundation Establishment required several months.

Having to wait for such a long time greatly discouraged Han Li.

His original plan after acquiring the two Foundation Establishment Pills was to first take the pills and then see whether or not he had to participate in the Trial by Fire. If he were lucky enough to reach Foundation Establishment, then he definitely wouldn’t go to such a dangerous region. After all, only one in four survived; it was truly too frightening.

If he failed after taking the pills, then it would be imperative that he would enter the forbidden area. If two or three Foundation Establishment Pills wouldn’t do, then he would refine three, four or even more pills. He was convinced that his aptitude w

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