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The large man that had just emerged from the ground and the yellow-clothed man started to chase after Han Li.

As they chased him, they were afraid that Han Li would run far away again. After recovering a bit of magic power, they immediately grouped up and planned their next attack.

At this time, Han Li felt a scorching pain from his wounded thigh. It seemed that his movements from a moment ago had worsened his injury.

However, now was not the time to think about that problem! The large man that had concealed himself in the ground a moment ago took out a long saber covered in black Qi and fiercely charged toward Han Li.

When Han Li saw his opponents’ figures, he observed that although they were quite fast, their movements were stiff. It was clear these people only relied on the support of magic techniques. His heart could not help but slightly relax. It should be known that Han Li’s strange and quick movements would prevent them from catching up to him!

With that thought, Han Li no longer paid attention to the large overbearing man and placed his attention onto the yellow-clothed man instead, as the man had taken out a dark green gourd. He had pointed the mouth of the gourd toward Han Li, seemingly wanting to cast a magic technique!

“Where do you think you’re looking? Die!”

The large man charged next to Han Li with a greatly flourished yellow light on his body. He lifted his demonic long saber and chopped it down toward Han Li.

Han Li snorted. His body flashed, appearing outside the reach of the saber.

“You were fooled, boy!” The large man wildly laughed.

A black light from the long saber in his hand flashed, and turned into a long black rope. Like a long snake, it closely followed and twisted toward Han Li, neither locking him down nor letting him go!

Han Li was startled, and his body immediately grew strangely indistinct. One moment he was at the left, then right, then front, then back, as if there were several Han Li’s encircling the large man.

When the large man saw this, he grew greatly intimidated. However, he immediately protected his body with the “Earth Armor Technique” and no longer paid it any attention to Han Li’s afterimages. Instead, he hastily moved his flexible black rope and did his utmost to pursue Han Li’s true body.

Pengpeng. Pengpeng.Han Li swept past the side of the large man. During that instant, he fiercely shot fireballs at the large man with both hands around him. As they hit his body, the yellow light shook for a moment. Unfortunately, it recovered at once.

“How could this meager Fireball Technique break through this Uncle’s defensive technique!” The large man’s face was savage, and the movement of his hands grew even more rapid; the movements of the black rope didn’t relax even the slightest.

Han Li felt somewhat anxious! Although the large man’s black rope was somewhat slower than him, he was unable to cope with it. His dared not slow down his body’s movem

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