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Han Li tasted some bitterness from his mouth. He did not think that as greatly careful and tremendously cautious as he was, he would still be ambushed. Furthermore, it was one of the worst possible circumstances, between two people!

Currently, he was in a zone called the “Skyline”. Its environment was extremely dangerous. If one did not use flying magic tools, the entire region only had a narrow small path that led to the central area.

Lining the two sides of the small path were incomparably steep cliffs. Although Han Li was not weak in the light body martial arts of the mortal world, he would not dare to rashly climb them!

As for flying directly over with flying magic tools, the idea was even more absurd. It would be a suicidal action, openly allowing others to launch an attack. Why even think of it!? None of the sects’ disciples would ever perform such folly! Furthermore, the bitter experiences of his predecessors taught him that flying was an absolutely prohibited action in the forbidden area, else one would leave a corpse.

When Han Li entered the vicinity, he hesitated for quite a while. However, he ultimately didn’t dare to take the shortcut by flying over the mountain peak. As a result, he was forced to openly follow the small road on foot.

Naturally, Han Li was completely wary of the dangers in this area. On the entire way, his nerves were tightly strung. But even so, just when he had walked through the path opening, his path was blocked from the front and back by two people without even the slightest warning.

When Han Li saw the bearded man’s fierce expression, he knew that to talk arrogantly at this moment was of no use at all! First he slapped the defensive Water Barrier Talisman on his body, and then he brought out the Flying Dark-Iron Shield. Additionally, he took out the magic tool “Gold Beetle Swarm Blades” and his few elementary high-grade “Earth Prison Technique” talismans.

The fully bearded man and the person behind him looked at Han Li’s actions with cold eyes without the slightest intention of stopping or attacking him. It seemed the two were completely confident; they felt entirely certain that they could handle Han Li and appeared calm.

This was no surprise! The person behind him was already at the peak of the twelfth layer. Not to mention the fully bearded man had already cultivated to the thirteenth layer. Facing an eleventh layer fledgeling such as Han Li, they naturally felt that it would be a trivial matter!

When Han Li saw this, he licked his dry lips and inwardly sneered to himself. Since his opponents were so negligent, he would naturally exploit this opportunity.

Thus, remaining completely calm, Han Li faced his body to the side so that his enemies were to his right and left, as if they were horns, to avoid being attacked in the back. As expected, these two did not take the opportunity to attack jointly.

These were the strongest enemies he had ever faced since he entered

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