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Time passed day after day.

Apart from maturing spiritual herbs and refining the required “Yellow Dragon Pills” and “Golden Marrow Pills”, Han Li refined Qi in bitter meditation the entire time. He also periodically trained the white spiders and other wondrous insects in accordance to the Controlling Spirit Sect Cultivator’s Insect Cultivation Insights. This could be considered his sole joy during his cultivation.

Han Li estimated that it would take him about a year to enter the ninth layer of Qi Condensation, a speed that was swift as wind when compared to his original speed.

However, Han Li was still somewhat unsatisfied at this speed. After he reached the ninth layer, he steeled his resolve to take three Foundation Establishment Pills in succession. By using its immensely strong medicinal power, Han Li only took another year to enter Foundation Establishment.

Now, he was able to make use of Innate Truefire.

Han Li immediately ceased taking low-grade medicine pills and started to refine medicine pills that would be more suitable for a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

According to Han Li’s assumptions, the Qi Refining Powder would have no effect on him because he had previously taken too much of it. As for the other three pill recipes, they should be able to vigorously advance him to late Foundation Establishment without question.

But, as according to his original plans, Han Li wasn’t going to immediately deepen his cultivation. Instead, he would only stockpile medicines and cultivate the Great Development Technique in preparation to refine a clone.

In the past, Han Li only needed half a year to cultivate the Great Development Technique to the first layer and receive its exceptional benefits.

Although Han Li felt gloomy about his inferior aptitude for elemental magic techniques, he had significant talent for the Great Development Technique. Thus, Han Li held much confidence in cultivating to the second layer of the Great Development Technique.

According to the incomplete collection of the Great Development Technique, his spiritual sense would be several times stronger and he would also be able to separate his consciousness into over a hundred different strands. When combined with the puppet technique, the frightening potential of the Great Development Technique would be fully displayed.

Although he knew that cultivating to the second layer would be more difficult than the first, it took far more time than Han Li had anticipated. He had originally believed that it would only take him three years to reach the second layer of the Great Development Technique, but Han Li discovered that it would take six years of diligent cultivation for him to barely reach the second layer. As this would take twice the time that he had anticipated, Han Li felt extremely helpless.

When Han Li recalled the head-splitting torture he endured while forcefully cultivating the technique, Han Li turned pale and felt great

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