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“What’s so funny? I only wished to not injure you out of kindness!” When this cultivator saw that Han Li didn’t seem to care, he couldn’t help but become angry and increasingly flaunt his status as a ‘superior’.

Han Li tapped the floor with the tip of his foot, indifferently saying, “It’s nothing! I only feel that this competition is going to be easier than I had imagined.”

“What? You dare to look down on me?!” The middle aged cultivator’s face completely reddened. He raised his hand and revealed many glistening items. But before he could act, he suddenly saw the person in front of him blur. His vision then blackened, and he fell to the floor not knowing what had happened.


A short moment later, Han Li carried the unconscious middle-aged man off the stage with an indifferent expression.

When the other cultivators saw this, they were stunned.

There was a clear difference in their cultivation, but the victor was Han Li. This was far beyond their expectations.

Even the old man, who had appeared moody from the very beginning, revealed an odd expression.

He took a deep look at Han Li. Although he didn’t say anything, he seemed to know how Han Li had taken action.

Han Li chuckled and calmly handed the two bamboo sticks to the old man. He then dropped his unconscious opponent to the floor and went over to the group of victorious cultivators.

The old man saw that the middle-aged cultivator was still unconscious and lightly shook his head, revealing a mysterious smile.

“Number eight!”


When the final victor was decided, the old man looked at the ten cultivators that hadn’t gone on the platform and lightly coughed. He then spoke with an indifferent tone, “We will now start the challenges in order of number. If you feel that your magic power is severely exhausted, you may take a moment to rest before facing your next challenge. However, these challenges must finish by today; it will count as a forfeit otherwise. Also, challengers are forbidden from challenging those who have already fought. As for the extra eleventh challenger, they will be allowed to challenge any one of the winning incumbents after the ten winners have been decided.”

“Now, let’s start!”

The first challenger selected the incumbent with the lowest cultivation and entered the stage with him.

As his opponent’s cultivation was only of the sixth layer and his cultivation was of the seventh, it appeared that he had high odds of winning.

But after the time it took to make a cup of tea, the sixth layer cultivator left the stage first. As for the first challenger, he reappeared in a miserable state.

He was ashamed and quickly left the hall without a word.

The remaining challengers revealed changed expressions. As for the victor, he returned to the other ten without the slightest of care.

“Next!” The old man shouted. He didn’t reveal the slightest surprise as if he had expected that cultivator to win!


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