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When the Yellow Maple Valley cultivators saw this, they were reminded of what Han Li had told them about the Blood Servants’ Demonic Transformation. They all knew that during their transformation, the Blood Servants would become easy, stationary targets. Thus, they launched magic tools and techniques, assaulting the four cocoons of light without restraint. Naturally, they wouldn’t let go of an opportunity like this to subdue the enemy.

Unfortunately, as Han Li had said, the light spheres were incredibly hard. Despite the violent storm of attacks, the cocoons remained intact. They didn’t appear to be even slightly damaged, causing the faces of the Yellow Maple Valley cultivators to become unsightly.

“Everyone, if you have any last resorts, use them! Do not hold back! If you don’t use them now, we will be in dire straits when they emerge from their cocoons!”

With that said, Liu Jing immediately withdrew his magic tools and solemnly took out a golden talisman, pressing it between his two hands. He started muttering a mysterious incantation, causing the talisman to radiate with inceasingly dazzling golden light.

Although Han Li didn’t know what grade that talisman was, he grew alarmed upon seeing it. Since Liu Jing, a mid Foundation Establishment cultivator, required an incantation to activate it, it meant that this talisman was no common item.

When the others saw this, they looked at each other and then revealed their hidden capabilities.

The most eye-catching among them were Song Meng and Chen Qiaoqian’s Senior Martial Sister. They both took out an inscribed treasure talisman and then immediately sat down to activate them. Blue and grey radiance emitted from their treasure talismans, causing those who looked on to feel envious.

Treasure talismans aren’t easy to acquire for Foundation Establishment cultivators, even with the backing of a large clan. Only those who were looked upon with great affection by their seniors would be granted them. Otherwise, with merely their own wealth and status, how could they possibly acquire such a treasure?

The others were unwilling to be outdone and made a display of their own. They either strenuously used impressive magic techniques or brought out wondrous magic tools for their attacks. Brilliance immediately filled the sky as their magic tools and techniques were chaotically flourished.

Han Li used neither his talisman treasures nor his astonishingly powerful “Giant Sword Technique”. Instead, he chose to use his most energy-efficient method. With a wave of his hands, several heavy objects fell to the ground in front of him, four of his puppet beasts.

The puppet beasts opened their ice-cold eyes and their bloodthirsty maws, fiercely shooting out several beams of light in a well practiced manner. Han Li stood behind them, taking advantage of the situation to restore the magic power used during the previous fight.

As he had yet to encounter that Black Fiend School Master,

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