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The woman appeared as gentle as always, but her words were as cold as a blade’s edge, causing Han Li’s heart to tremble.

Han Li let out a long sigh, before saying something that left the woman somewhat surprised, “Did Senior change her mind in the end?”

“It seems you aren’t completely useless! At the very least, you seem to have some brains.” The woman calmly said.

“If Senior truly wished to kill me, I never would have had the chance to open my eyes!” Han Li chuckled.

“I am called Nangong Bing. Don’t call me Senior this or Senior that! It will make me seem old.” The woman expressionlessly turned her head back and spoke with an unquestionable tone.

Han Li was stunned and inwardly insulted her, ‘Since you’re a Core Formation cultivator, doesn’t that make you the age of an ancient woman in mortal’s years?’

As Han Li’s true essence had been absorbed by her, he naturally held a bellyful of stifled hate towards her. But since his life was currently in her hands, he could only inwardly curse at her.

“Although I was mistaken for my elder cousin yesterday and was rescued under that presumption, in the end, you are still my savior! Furthermore, I unintentionally absorbed your true essence afterwards which did stabilize my injuries.” The woman leisurely spoke with her back facing Han Li.

“Let’s leave it be. Since your esteemed self is Nangong Wan’s younger cousin, I was just out of luck!” Han Li wrinkled his brow and spoke with a tone of helplessness. Afterwards, he stretched his arms and stood.

Papa. Han Li saw a white silhouette flash by, carrying a fragrant wind. The woman then gave him two heavy slaps, causing him to spin in place and fall to the floor.

“You...” Han Li covered his stinging cheeks in astonishment and looked at Nangong Bing in furious surprise.

“Yesterday, you actually dared to touch my body with your hands without permission! Furthermore, you dared to lay... lay down on me while I was unconscious! Those two slaps were only to reprimand you!” Nangong Bing spoke with a cold voice. But when she mentioned that Han Li had lain down on her, her face turned slightly red for just a moment.

Han Li was at a loss for words.

To give justifications for his breach of etiquette against a female Core Formation cultivator was simply asking for trouble. If he were to dispute it, it was likely he’d be met with another two slaps! And now, with his cheeks feeling raw, there was absolutely no way he could do such a thing!

Furthermore, he faintly felt that the reason why she was treating him this way wasn’t because of his actions yesterday. She was most likely venting her anger for what had happened between him and Nangong Wan.

With that in mind, Han Li strongly suppressed the fury in his heart and lightly caressed his swollen cheeks in silence.

Nangong Bing was somewhat surprised to see that Han Li had decided to tactfully let the matter go.

She had expected that Han Li would want to argue

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