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Wang Changqing continued, “Mortals that live on these islands must perform labor or pay spirit stones; otherwise, they aren’t allowed to reside on the island. Because of the Immortal Techniques that were placed on these islands, there is no need to fear assault from heavenly winds or demonic beasts. As such, us mortals may live without fear. In addition, the Immortal Masters’ powers are remarkable. Whenever us mortals travel afar, we spare no effort to hire one or two Immortal Masters to accompany us. That way if we come across any demonic beasts while at sea, we will have a chance at living. Naturally, the Immortal Masters that agree to be hired would be comparatively free when compared to those previously mentioned.”

“Heavenly wind?” Han Li was puzzled upon hearing those words.

He knew about demonic beasts, but hadn't heard of this “Heavenly Wind” before.

“The previous land that Immortal Master resided in didn’t have attacks by heavenly wind?” The old man appeared to be marveled.

“I saw no heavenly winds where I previously cultivated. What are they? Something comparable to demonic beasts?” Han Li calmly asked without care.

Although Wang Changqing felt doubtful, he still gave Han Li a sincere explanation, “Heavenly winds, demonic beasts, and ghost mists are known as the three great natural disasters in the Scattered Star Seas. There is no need to speak of demonic beasts. Immortal Master surely knows about them more than I, but it should be known that most of the demonic beasts of the sea are beyond huge and are proficient in water attribute demonic techniques. Us mortals have no way of dealing with them. Only Immortals are able to strike them down.”

“As for heavenly winds, they are hurricanes that occur twice a year that sweep through the entirety of the Scattered Star Seas. The areas it passes suffer from monstrous sea waves, destroying lives and shelters. If we were not on an island protected by immortal techniques, us mortals would face certain doom. It is also said that if an Immortal were to be dragged into a heavenly wind, it would be extremely difficult to escape, and they would likely die within.” Wang Changqing appeared fearful as he said this.

“And the ghost mist? What kind of natural disaster is that?” Han Li expressionlessly continued his questions. He wanted to understand these three natural disasters clearly, so that he would be better prepared if he happened to come across them.

The old man paused for a moment before continuing. He was truly shocked that the cultivator before him truly knew nothing about the circumstances of the sea or the most mysterious of the three greatest natural disasters, the ghost mist. Where was this cultivator from? Could it be that he came from a place of dry land? But this place was the Scattered Star Seas. Apart from the nearby sea territories, there were no large territories of land to speak of.

Restraining his bafflement, Wang Changqing continued to give Han Li

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