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Han Li and that man were seated on different sides of the square table. They took several glances at each other, but neither of them had any intention of talking.

Cultivators who came here to do their shopping had no intentions of treading too closely to strangers as it would only breed hostility.

Despite this, the man still shot several curious glances at Crooked Soul who had remained outside the hall by the staircase.

Thanks to his perceptiveness, he had already made out Crooked Soul to be a refined corpse, but the Spiritual Qi fluctuations he felt from Crooked Soul’s body left him quite baffled.

After all, cultivator-refined, iron-skinned corpses normally only had immense strength. It shouldn’t be possible for them to possess magic power.

The man strongly suppressed his desire to ask questions. Although Han Li was a mid Foundation Establishment cultivator like himself, he was rather wary of him.

After Han Li had sipped away most of the tea, the woman finally returned to the main hall.

This time, she had two strong, robust men following behind her. These two men didn’t possess any magic power and had rather stiff faces. They were unexpectedly two realistic-looking puppets.

The puppets held a huge tray, wrapped in a bundle of silk cloth. It seemed that the shopkeeper intended on concealing the precious items within it.

A strange expression flashed from Han Li’s eyes. He had just used his spiritual sense to see through the red silk and find out what was underneath it. However, he hadn’t expected that the unremarkable silk cloth would block him. In his surprise, he couldn’t help but turn his head to look at the man beside him.

He also appeared astonished. It was obvious he had done the same.

The middle-aged woman approached Han Li and the man until she was a few steps away. She wordlessly smiled before she spoke, “I’ve already acquainted myself with you, Fellow Daoist Fan. Might I ask for your name, Fellow Daoist? My surname is Lan. You two Fellow Daoists may call me Madam Lan.” The woman gave herself a well-practiced introduction.

Naturally, Han Li couldn’t awkwardly remain silent so he reluctantly said, “My surname is Han.”

Afterwards, he said nothing further and displayed a cold demeanor, unwilling to speak further.

Madam Lan didn’t take this to heart. After all, a vast majority of cultivators that came here feigned indifference like Han Li. It was something she had long become accustomed to.

As a result, she smiled slightly and beckoned to the puppets behind her. The well-chiseled puppets immediately walked forward. Afterwards, Madam Lan extended her flawless finger and lifted the red cloth cover, revealing the several items underneath.

Han Li and the man surnamed Fan simultaneously gazed at the items on the tray, their eyes gleaming with rapt attention.

A long sword, short blade, throwing dart, a ring, and a piece of jet-black armor were arranged in a line. From one glance

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