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After carefully putting away the items he procured from the Emperor, Han Li looked up toward the rainbow light and quickly flew to a corner of the bamboo forest.

After a brief moment, Han Li arrived at a huge bamboo stalk with a formation flag stabbed into it and pulled the flag out.

The rainbow light barrier immediately disappeared without a trace.

Han Li smiled faintly and flew off to another corner of the forest.

Soon after, Han Li left the bamboo forest, having retrieved all of the formation flags and plates with exceptional care.

After experiencing the might of the improved “Five Elements Reversal Formation”, Han Li had come to value it far more than before.

When Han Li calmly walked out of the bamboo forest, something caught his eye: the pulverized corpse of the Emperor of Yue. It seemed that when the rainbow light had disappeared, the body had fallen onto the ground.

Han Li wrinkled his bow and let out a sigh. He then shot a fist-sized fireball toward the corpse, turning it to ash.

Han Li would have lamented if the ashes of such a remarkable character had been blown into the wind after death. As such, Han Li patted his storage pouch, and a streak of golden light flew out, blasting a large hole in the ground.

Han Li then lightly waved his sleeve, sweeping the ashes into the hole with a gentle gust of wind.

Suddenly, white light flashed. Just as Han Li thought to close the hole, he paused.

With amazement, Han Li beckoned with his hand, causing an embroidered cloth to fly from the ashes and into his hand.

“This is...” Han Li took a quick look at it with curiosity.

This embroidered cloth was slightly yellow and appeared to be ancient. He did not know what it was made from, but it emitted a faint glimmering light. Han Li suspected that the embroidery was actually an indistinct map.

Han Li’s curiosity was piqued and he hastily examined the map. After looking through it several times, he then lost all interest.

This was because after careful examination, it was certain to not be any terrain in the State of Yue as it was particularly unfamiliar. The drawing should be of a strange land. Furthermore, the cloth was clearly damaged and incomplete. He wasn’t sure if it was even half of the original map or merely a tiny piece.

However, since the map only appeared after the Emperor of Yue had turned to ash, it seemed he had used some sort of secret technique to conceal it within his body. Else, his puppet beasts would’ve found it from the start.

From this, it appeared that the map was extremely important!

Han Li pondered for a moment before deciding to store the badly damaged map into the jade box along with the Five Elements Blood Cores.

Now was not the time to unravel this mystery. He had to hurry and find the others.

After all, with the Emperor of Yue dead, the aftermath would be quite troublesome!

When Han Li found Chen Qiaoqian and the others in front of the Cold P

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