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While holding his breath, Han Li gazed at the huge mantis as it flew several few kilometers nearby before suddenly shooting toward Han Li’s hiding place.

Han Li’s complexion turned deathly pale.

With a cold face, he firmly held the “Blood Spirit Drill” in his hand and began to pour spiritual power into it, causing it to gradually heat up.

Han Li coldly gazed at the demonic beast as it approached, waiting for the mantis to come closer before releasing the magic tool. Only by doing this would he have a higher chance of injuring or even killing it.

Naturally, waiting for it to come closer put him in far greater danger, but Han Li was left with no other choice.

150 meters, 120 meters, 90 meters...

Han Li’s heart violently thumped in his chest, and he couldn’t help but suck in a deep breath as he prepared to release the Blood Spirit Drill in his hand.

But what Han Li saw next left him dumbstruck.

When the demon mantis was just sixty meters away from Han Li, it suddenly circled off into another direction, descending not far away from Han Li. After two miserable roars sounded out, the huge mantis flew away without the slightest reluctance, carrying a large mountain boar in its forelimbs.

After seeing the demonic beast fly away into the distance, Han Li finally let out a long sigh of relief and sat on the ground, despite appearing unbefitting of a cultivator.

He had just gone through a matter of life or death!

Had he went ahead and launched the attack, he would’ve ended up just like that boar, as food for the demonic beast.

He was extremely fortunate to come out unscathed!

Han Li silently rejoiced. This was the first time he had felt that his luck was quite good.

But now that he had calmed down, Han Li thought of the culprit that caused all of this, the Controlling Spirit Sect cultivator that resided in Crooked Soul’s body.

Han Li couldn’t help but feel burning fury. It was clear the cave was a trap; those jade slip letters were just a fabricated lure.

Despite his carefulness, he was still no match for that cunning old fox. He had fallen deeply into his trap and had nearly died as a result.

“Oh, very good! Since I’m still alive, I’d better go and pay you a visit!” As Han Li rested, he felt an intense hatred burning inside him that he never felt before.

Han Li knew that because he stuck three Soul Lock talismans onto Crooked Soul, it would be impossible for him to escape; his cultivation was simply too weak. Once Han Li returned, he would be able to easily take his life.

When he felt that his physical strength and magic power had recovered, Han Li shot off on his Divine Wind Boat toward Crooked Soul.

However, he now didn’t dare to boldly fly up into the sky. Instead, he cautiously flew at a low altitude, about thirty meters up in the air, because he was afraid of catching the demonic beast’s attention once more.

On Han Li’s journey back, the freezing night wind had calme

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