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“Get lost!” The Emperor of Yue yelled gloomily.

With a long whistle, the bloody light hurriedly enveloped the group of puppets. Then with a savage appearance, he chased after Han Li and company, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

After a short moment, the motionless puppets suddenly fell from sky. They were all broken into fragments.

Han Li arrived at the great formation he had set up. Having felt his puppets being destroyed from his threads of consciousness, Han Li felt very regretful. He then called out to the other cultivators to descend and enter the small bamboo forest.

As Han Li and the others hurriedly descended, the Emperor of Yue had already broken through the puppet encirclement and clearly saw Han Li and the others enter the bamboo forest. This greatly surprised and puzzled the Emperor of Yue but he inwardly rejoiced.

When he arrived above the bamboo forest and saw that Han Li and the others hadn’t left, he sinisterly smiled and immediately waved his arms. A small chunk of his body’s bloody light then separated itself from him.

Pupu.The bloody light flashed and fiercely shot into the bamboo forest. Midway, it suddenly enveloped the entire bamboo forest in a huge, shining red barrier.

Having seen the bloody light silently entrap the bamboo forest, the Emperor of Yue revealed a somewhat pleased expression. So long as this devilish light barrier firmly surrounded the bamboo forest, he would be able to use another secret technique to completely dissolve everything within it. Since the enemy had trapped themselves there, they had better not blame him for being merciless.

His hands formed a series of dazzling movements, the incantation gestures to activate the secret technique. As he performed these gestures, the bamboo forest was suddenly covered in a blue and white dome of light, that easily stopped the barrier of bloody light from further shrinking. After a moment of surprise, the Emperor of Yue’s expression grew cold.

‘As expected, that group came here for a reason. They had even laid out a formation spell here!’ The Emperor of Yue thought with bitter resentment.

‘But this is nothing! How formidable can a hurriedly established formation spell be? At worst, I’ll just refine the people along with their formation! In any case, I cannot allow them to flee from the Imperial City.’ The Emperor of Yue thought resolutely.

With a plan in mind, he formed incantation gestures without restraint and immediately cast secret techniques.

The bloody light that had been stopped, then flashed with a brilliant radiance and attempted to further pressure their spell formation. However, the bloody still had little effect.

But the Emperor of Yue didn’t stop there. He shallowly cut at himself with his finger, sending off another chunk of bloody light to merge with the devilish light barrier.

The color of the bloody light barrier grew even deeper, faintly releasing the scent of blood. Anyone who smelled

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