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The sole village on this small island was at the east end, near its port. In the west was a small mountain range of about ten kilometers with only two small mountains. The higher mountain was about a kilometer tall, while the shorter one was only about four hundred meters tall.

Han Li gazed at the mountains from afar before suppressing the excitement in his heart, deciding to pay a visit to the village first.

Han Li’s and Crooked Soul’s arrival caused quite a stir. An old man, the self-proclaimed village head, immediately stepped forward to see Han Li.

After letting the old man inspect the gold symbols on the jade slip, the village head immediately declared that the entire village must obey the Great Immortal’s orders.

Naturally, Han Li didn’t have any use for the assistance of mortals. Instead, he asked about the issues he was most concerned with: the general circumstances of the island and the amount of spirit stones the villagers were able to contribute towards maintaining the island’s protective formation.

After hearing that the amount added up to almost nothing, Han Li became somewhat gloomy.

Didn’t this mean that he had to contribute all of the spirit stones? That middle-aged man said the residents would be contributing a portion of spirit stones consumed by the protective formation. It seemed like those were merely pleasant words. Their help wouldn’t amount to anything.

Han Li inwardly cursed at the middle-aged cultivator, but spoke a few reassuring words to the old man. He estimated the amount of spirit stones required and compared it to the old man’s estimate of their contribution. Han Li then gave the old man a year’s worth of spirit stones to sustain the formation spell.

He then told the old man that, in the coming years, he could go to his Immortal’s cave and pick up the spirit stones required for that year. Then, without paying attention to the old man’s repeated thanks, Han Li and Crooked Soul flew towards the island’s west side.

Once Han Li entered the mountain range known by the island’s inhabitants as the “Minor Expanse Mountains”, he was whelmed by the feeling of faint Spiritual Qi, causing his heart to stir.

A short moment later, Han Li was standing at the front of his Divine Wind Boat as he circled both mountain peaks.

It was obvious that the Spiritual Qi was richer on the higher mountain peak, but the lower mountain peak was thicker and more solid. Not only was it more suitable for an Immortal’s cave, it was also the site of a previous cultivator’s Immortal’s cave. The present Immortal’s cave was intact and undamaged; it seemed suitable for immediate occupation.

Han Li sunk into thought for a moment on his Divine Wind Boat. His eyes then flashed with spirited light, and he came to a decision.

He first flew towards the thicker, shorter mountain peak and entered the deepest, most secretive area of the Immortal’s cave. Afterwards, he fiercely struck the ground with his magic

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