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“Poisoned? That’s impossible. I am quite careful and have a specialist responsible for testing my food and drink!” After a moment of terror, Sun Ergou revealed an appearance of unease.

Hearing this, Han Li was too lazy to explain any further. With a wave of his hand, a streak of azure light flashed and flew into Sun Ergou’s body.

“Young Master! This is... wh-... what’d you...” Sun Ergou hadn’t dared to dodge, but was still alarmed.

“This is True Spirit Technique, it’s capable of visualizing the poison within your body. Go ahead and take a look in a mirror!” Han Li sat on a chair and played it down.

When Sun Ergou heard this, his heart dropped. Then he hastily ran to the corner of the room with a dressing table.

He hastily scoured the dressing table for a small mirror and then looked into the mirror with great caution. What he saw left him dumbfounded. He saw that his entire face was covered in blackish-purple Qi. From a single glance, he could tell he was severely poisoned.

“Young Master, please save my life! This one has remained faithful to Young Master this entire time and possesses no trace of disloyalty.” Sun Ergou rushed over to Han Li with an expression of fear and knelt while imploring Han Li to save him.

At this moment, he was almost entirely convinced!

As Han Li was a cultivator, it was impossible he would waste so much effort to deceive someone like Sun Ergou. If Han Li had truly meant him harm, he could’ve killed him with a flick of a finger.

After having seen this display of loyalty, Han Li faintly smiled and calmly said, “Be at ease. Although the poison is quite hidden, it’s toxicity is weak. It won’t be able to kill you in a few days. There is no need to be so fussed over nothing!”

Although Sun Ergou had calmed down a bit, he continued his pitiful pleas, “Young Master possesses great power. Please give this one a method to dissolve the poison so that I, Sun Ergou, may continue to serve you faithfully! If Young Master does not trust me then I can swear an oath under poison. This one...” Although Sun Ergou was now a gang leader, we was still very much afraid of death. Without even waiting for Han Li to speak, he took the initiative to swear his own oaths — much to Han Li’s amusement.

‘Serve me faithfully? It seems more like he has been receiving benefits without giving anything in return!’ Han Li thought, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“This is a detoxification pill. After you take this, you’ll be fine but just make sure that your poisoning does not continue.” Han Li shook his head before tossing a blue medicine pill to Sun Ergou.

“Many thanks! Many thanks, Young Master!” Sun Ergou received the pill with great joy and repeatedly expressed his thanks. He then quickly climbed up from the floor and properly put away the pill.

“This poison doesn’t affect one so deeply after only one or two exposures. It should have taken at least several months for it to get to this point!

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