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“I’m not so sure about that!” Han Li coldly sneered.

Han Li then formed an incantation gesture with his hands, causing his magic tools that were attacking the azure barrier to loudly howl, before flying into the sky and converging as one.

This scene stunned Qing Wen as he didn’t know what Han Li intended to do. However, as he was also of the cunning sort, how could he allow Han Li to perform his magic so easily? His hands immediately shined, producing a dazzling golden ring in each hand that released dense cold Qi. One could tell from their appearance that the rings were extraordinary.


Qing Wen softly yelled as he threw out the rings without the slightest hesitation. They turned into twin golden streaks of light as they directly attacked Han Li.

Han Li raised his eyebrows in alarm, and with a menacing expression, he tightly gripped his white scale shield.

However, before those magic tools struck their target, three green foot-long streaks had suddenly flown in from the side and intercepted the two streaks of golden light.

“Fiendish Daoist, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about me?” Senior Martial Brother Wang flashed Han Li a friendly smile as he controlled the green streaks of light.

When Han Li saw this, he felt relieved and returned the smile.

However, Qing Wen wasn’t feeling calm like these two. His complexion darkened as his gaze started shifting everywhere.

Not long after, he had reached his wit’s end.

After all, simultaneously controlling the Azurewood True Barrier and Goldlock Rings had nearly used up the entirety of his spiritual sense. He was unlike Han Li, who had learned the Great Development Technique and was able to smoothly control so many magic tools.

Although he possessed a few incisive magic tools, he didn’t dare to lightly use them. Using the entirely of one’s spiritual sense to control magic tools was very dangerous, as it left the user incapable of paying attention to their surroundings.

Furthermore, cultivators being able to control over ten magic tools simultaneously in an attack was something rarely seen. In part, Han Li was able to do this because these magic tools were created as sets, and only used the same amount of magic power as three magic tools.

If it were truly more than ten separate top grade magic tools, even if Han Li’s spiritual sense could support it, he wouldn’t be able to produce enough magic power to activate them.

Supporting about five magic tools was the limit of Han Li’s magic power. This was why Han Li favored using complete sets of magic tools, as they allowed him to display the full power of the Great Development Technique.

As for why Han Li was able to control the eight children blades of the “Golden Beetle Swarm Blades”, it absolutely wasn’t because of direct control. He instead completely relied on the mother blade in his hand to control the children blades. Its current power and flexibility was incomparable to before as it was

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