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As Han Li stomped on his Divine Wind Boat with one arm wrapped around the masked woman, Dong Xuan’er blocked his way while covered in pink light.

“Junior Martial Sister Dong, must you act?” Han Li lightly sighed and spoke grudgingly.

Her eyes coldly glinted as she glanced down at the unconscious masked woman in Han Li’s embrace. Dong Xuan’er expressionlessly said, “Han Li, if you wish to leave, you must first pass through me! I have always been curious as to why my Master Hong Fu had insisted on marrying me to you!

“Also, did you really expect me to allow a Masked Moon Core Formation cultivator to easily escape?” Dong Xuan’er’s refined brow gradually frowned, and she wore a baleful expression.

Once she finished, Han Li didn’t reply with words regarding old affection or other such nonsense. After all, he had used formation flags to hastily trap the other two within a simple illusion formation. It wouldn’t keep them trapped for long.

Han Li’s expression sunk and he said, “Since it’s like this, then don’t blame me for being ruthless, Young Lady Dong!”

Han Li then loudly yelled and waved his hand, releasing two black lights and five streaks of white light. In addition, a tortoise shell appeared beside him and blocked his front. Afterwards, four puppet beasts appeared at both his sides. With gaping mouths, they shot out light beams as thick as a bowl.

He took action with the entirety of his power. He didn’t have any notion of going easy on the fairer sex.

Once Dong Xuan’er saw Han Li’s ferocious offensive, her expression underwent great change.

She grit her teeth and waved her flawless hand, summoning a pink muslin cloth. Her hands then emitted a red-orange glow which combined with her muslin cloth to form a huge barrier of sparkling red light surrounding herself.

Dong Xuan’er was convinced that even if Han Li’s attack was more overbearing, it still wouldn’t be able to break through the powerful barrier created from her “Fire Phoenix Cloth” and devilish arts.

As Dong Xuan’er was basking in confidence, Han Li’s Divine Wind Boat flashed with white light and streaked past her with a woosh.

Likewise, the magic tools that were in an overbearing attack made an immediate turn and quickly flew after Han Li.

Without fighting for even a moment, Han Li had instead used his attack as a misdirection, allowing for an immediately escape.

This was completely out of Dong Xuan’er’s expectations! She blankly stood in place before her face deeply blushed. Just as she thought to furiously pursue Han Li, the four puppet beasts fired light beams on her.

Dong Xuan’er could only wait until after the light beams faded away before hastily withdrawing her light barrier. But by that time, Han Li had already turned into a black dot in the distance and was about to disappear from sight.

Naturally, Dong Xuan’er was unwilling to allow Han Li’s trickery succeed. By making use of her wondrous movement technique, she igno

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