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When Han Li saw that the “Five Element Blood Cores” were among the Emperor’s items, he was jubilant.

He immediately took them from the puppet beast’s mouth and closely examined them.

From the great spiritual power contained in the cores, Han Li verified that their medicinal properties were genuine. Relieved, Han Li took out an exquisite jade box from his storage pouch and carefully placed the five Blood Cores inside.

Han Li didn’t know the specific effects of the “Five Elements Blood Cores” mentioned by the young prince Xin. But from how urgently the Emperor of Yue had collected these items, their usefulness toward Core Formation should most likely be true.

Han Li then shifted his attention to the other items: a pitch-black alms bowl, an awl with an inch-long, blood-red spike, and a jade slip emitting a light-grey Qi.

Upon seeing these items, Han Li felt somewhat fearful of them.

These kinds of magic tools were commonly used by devilish and evil cultivators. It was likely that such items would have restrictions or curses placed on them, so he wasn’t in any hurry to fiddle with them. Instead, he took in a deep breath and covered his hands in a layer of faint azure light.

With this protection, Han Li was able to pick up the jade slip with his heart at ease, and carefully examine it.

Apart from releasing a strange aura, the jade slip didn’t have any sort of obvious restrictions. Han Li let out a sigh of relief and slowly submerged his spiritual sense into the slip.

As his spiritual sense entered the jade slip, Han Li stood motionless. However, his expression underwent strange changes. First, he appeared pleasantly surprised, then dismayed and finally, extremely cautious with a slight trace of fear.

After the time it took to make a cup of tea, Han Li withdrew his spiritual sense and found himself in a daze.

The jade slip’s contents went far beyond Han Li’s expectations.

It contained information on all of the Black Fiend School’s cultivation arts such as the young prince’s “Black Fiend Asura Art”, the four Blood Servant’s “Fiend Demon Art”, the Emperor of Yue’s “Divine Blood Light” and so on.

Han Li was shocked to discover that all of these cultivation arts mentioned a book called the “Profound Yin Scriptures”; it seemed to be the origin of all these arts. This greatly piqued Han Li’s curiosity.

But as Han Li hurriedly scoured the jade slip, he was unable to find anything related to the whereabouts of the scripture.

With no other choice, Han Li could only bury his desire to find the scripture in his heart and focus his attention to some of the strange secret techniques.

A few of these greatly pleased Han Li. Not only did they resolve some of his long held doubts, but they also mentioned the true use of the “Five Elements Blood Cores”.

Han Li calmed himself and carefully examined the passage.

It turned out that the “Five Elements Blood Cores” were formed within the bodies of cul

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