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“As for tonight’s matters, I do not wish for Spirit Beast Mountain to know of them. You two should keep this to yourselves!” Han Li suddenly raised his head and coldly glanced at the Rainbow Sect Master and his son.

The old man’s heart trembled in fear and he remained silent with a humble appearance.

Han Li wordlessly stared at the Rainbow Sect Master for a moment. When he saw that the old man had broken out in a cold sweat, he revealed a smile and then his body blurred, disappearing without a trace.

While the old man was stunned, he felt a hand lightly pat his shoulder. His body immediately stiffened as he slowly turned his head.

Han Li was indifferently standing behind him.

“Does Sir Immortal have any commands? This old man will certainly follow them.” The Rainbow Sect Master said with an apprehensive smile.

“It’s nothing. I just wanted to give you a greeting.” Han Li replied with a calm expression.

“A greeting?”

The old man was startled, not fully understanding Han Li’s intentions. But something soon came to mind and he hastily inspected his body with worry. Fortunately, he didn’t find anything unusual and calmed down.

Han Li then released his Divine Wind Boat and appeared inside with a flash.

After giving a deep glance at the youth and the old man, Han Li coldly chuckled and flew off in a streak of white light.

The old man and his son were left completely baffled along with Mo Yuzhu.


As Han Li flew on his Divine Wind Boat, he unconsciously sneered.

Although the old man had said that he didn’t dare to tell Spirit Beast Mountain about him, Han Li saw something amiss from his expression.

Having seen this, Han Li naturally wouldn’t ignore a deep schemer who held hatred toward him, even if he was a mortal.

Therefore, when he had appeared behind him, he secretly took action and had a “Burrowing Worm” enter his body with a pat.

This insect was very strange. It was the size of a fine hair and was nearly invisible to the naked eye, only completely detectable through spiritual sense. So long as it entered the body, it would slowly crawl through one’s blood vessels and eventually reach the heart.

After one or two years, the infected party would start to experience heart pain and an inability to sleep soundly. The symptoms would grow increasingly severe over a span of several months until the heart pain surges, leading to death. It would appear no different than if he had died an ordinary death from heart problems. Even expert cultivators wouldn’t find anything wrong in the least unless they knew what to look for beforehand.

Since it would occur such a long time after Han Li had patted his shoulder, no association would be made to Han Li.

This unscrupulous and strange insect was something Han Li had acquired from the spoils of a Devil Dao cultivator. He initially had no idea what it was until he had someone else appraise it. Now knowing its purpose and usage, he had used

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