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(TL Change: Black Dragon’s Grasps -> Black Dragon’s Claws.)

The “White Scale Shield” was a top grade magic tool refined from materials of the “Inky Flood Dragon”. It had supported Han Li though many fierce battles. Aside from the time that it had been pierced by the “Blood Spirit Drill”, it hadn’t sustained the slightest of damage. Han Li truly found it hard to believe that it was just destroyed by some monster.

At this moment, Han Li was able to use the moonlight stone’s faint light to take a look at this monster.

The creature appeared extremely strange and was only about a meter tall. It had a small head perched on a very thin neck. However, its two green, fist-sized eyes unemotionally stared at him with cold, malicious intent.

What caught Han Li’s attention the most were its two black incisive scythe-like forelimbs; Han Li grew greatly fearful of them.

This monster had weapons! But how could these scythes be so sharp that they can split his white scale shield in one blow?

As these thoughts surged through Han Li’s mind, his body flickered, shooting straight toward the cave exit like a loosened arrow.

He wouldn’t be able to last against that monster inside such a small cave. Even if he had several lives, it still wouldn’t be enough; he had to escape in order to stand a chance!

As Han Li shot forth, the monster silently pursued him with shockingly equivalent speed.

Like two gales of wind, Han Li and the monster raced the short distance toward the cave’s exit.

Once he left the cave, Han Li waved his hand without the slightest of thought, shooting a streak of white light in front of him; the white light turned into the flawless, white Divine Wind Boat.

He planned to take to the skies!

Since his defensive magic tools were unable to endure the monster’s attacks, he would have to increase the distance in between them and use magic tools to ravage it from afar.

As Han Li slowed down to bring out his Divine Wind Boat, a black shadow flashed before his eyes; the monster suddenly appeared between Han Li and his Divine Wind Boat.Clang. Clang.It icily stared at Han Li while rubbing its scythe-like forelimbs against each other.

Han Li felt his heart drop.

Not only was this monster ferocious, it was also intelligent. This proved quite troublesome.

But now that they had left the dark cave, Han Li was able to fully make out the monster underneath the moonlight. It was a huge dark-gray mantis that released a strange gray aura.

Han Li lightly exhaled, suppressing the unease in his heart. His body became blurred for a moment before transforming into six identical images. Each of the illusions charged directly toward the huge mantis. Han Li wasn’t completely confident that the fastest speed of his Shifting Smoke Steps could break through the monster’s guard.

The mantis’ eyes flashed with green light, and its body also blurred, turning into several similar reflections. Each of them moved to bl

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