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Han Li didn’t look at the Emperor of Yue’s resentful gaze. Instead, he looked at the darkened bloody light that remained on his body.

A golden ruler, a pair of jagged purple blades, and a blue longsword floated within the bloody light. They were the magic tools of Song Meng and company.

At this moment, they were motionless within the bloody light. It seemed they had completely lost their spirit.

Han Li’s eyes flashed with thoughtfulness; it seemed the devilish light protecting the Emperor of Yue’s body was capable of corrupting common magic tools. The only item Han Li currently had on hand that could resist this evil technique was the Black Dragon’s Grasps.

Until now, the only person to appear from the cloud of debris was the Emperor of Yue. It appeared as though the blue-robed man, who had claimed to be the Black Fiend School Master, had truly died from the Heavenly Lightning Seed.

With that thought, even though Han Li’s heart relaxed, he had no intention of giving the enemy an opportunity to catch his breath. Han Li immediately issued a mental order to his puppets to start their attack, launching an unending barrage of light beams and arrows toward the enemy.

Now fearful of losing even more of their magic tools, the group of Yellow Maple Valley Cultivators chanted incantations and formed hand seals instead, continuously throwing down magic techniques and talismans alongside Han Li’s attack. They all understood that the only way to free themselves from this nightmare would be to strike with all their might. Otherwise, even more of them would suffer tragic ends.

When the Emperor of Yue saw this, he expressionlessly swept his arm in front of him. A huge shield of blood-red light appeared, easily blocking the oncoming attacks. However, the bloody light emitted from his body was becoming increasingly weaker and gave the impression that it might fail at any time. This caused Han Li and company to attack with even more fury.

The Emperor of Yue coldly snorted as he wordlessly took out a small dark green bottle from his bosom.

He nimbly tossed out a scarlet, longan-sized pill from the bottle that reeked of blood. It didn’t appear to be any sort of good medicine, but he still threw it into his mouth without the slightest hesitation and threw the bottle away; it actually only held a single medicine pill.

Once the scarlet pill reached the Emperor of Yue’s stomach, Han Li witnessed a shocking scene. The Emperor of Yue’s expression shook and his bloody light became brilliant once more. In addition, his wounds were healing at a speed visible to the eye. In that short moment, Han Li watched as the enemy recovered all of his magic power and healed all of the wounds he received from the Heavenly Lightning Seed.

“Damn it! How could such a thing happen!” When Song Meng saw this, he muttered in disbelief, forgetting to throw out his tens of already prepared ice spikes.

Han Li also couldn’t believe his eyes. He didn’

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