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But as Han Li was counting the number of mortals, he also felt the faint aura of several cultivators. It seemed these cultivators were in charge of maintaining order at the port.

As Han Li was thinking this, he and Crooked Soul were brought to a stone room inside the harbor.

The room was very simply decorated with only a wooden desk and a chair with a wrinkly old man sitting in it with his eyes shut.

Upon hearing Han Li and company enter, this Immortal opened his eyes.

A cold light suddenly shot out as his eyes opened. Han Li’s heart shuddered upon seeing it. This person was unexpectedly a Foundation Establishment cultivator. In addition, his magic power was no less than Han Li when he had been at his peak.

This wrinkly, yellow-faced old man ignored Master Gu and Wang Changqing and directly swept his gaze toward Han Li and Crooked Soul. After seeing that Han Li was only a Qi Condensation cultivator, his expression became lazy once more. But after he took note of Han Li, he seemed to have glanced at Crooked Soul several more times.

“If you have business, be quick about it. Otherwise, don’t interrupt my rest.” He spoke dispiritedly and displayed some impatience.

By relying on his highly retentive memory, Han Li had acquired a rough understanding of the local language from Wang Changqing. Although he couldn’t speak it, he could understand the meaning of others with some difficulty.

But since he didn’t have any experience interacting with the cultivators of this land, he didn’t say a word and only smiled as Master Gu and Wang Changqing spoke with the cultivator.

Master Gu respectfully addressed him as Immortal Yang. Then he moved closer to him and whispered something before turning around and pointing at Han Li. It seemed he was explaining his origins. Afterwards, he placed a few spirit stones in his hand.

Grasping the spirit stones in his hand, Immortal Yang’s expression greatly eased up. He then took out a green jade medallion and stiffly asked Han Li, “Your name?”

“Han Li!” Han Li was able to say his own name fluently. As for how the other party would write them, he didn’t care in the least.

Immortal Yang’s hand flashed with green light, enveloping the entire jade medallion. After a short moment, the radiance faded away, revealing two strange symbols that Han Li hadn’t seen before.

The yellow-faced old man then tossed the jade medallion towards Han Li.

“Properly put away the medallion. If you lose it, you must immediately come back here and receive a replacement. Otherwise, you will face punishment as a trespasser on Stalwart Star Island. Naturally, if you settle down here later, you will no longer require the jade medallion and can return it. As for that refined corpse behind you, it obviously doesn’t need one.” After saying this with a raspy voice, he no longer paid them any attention and closed his eyes once more.

Master Gu tactfully left at once.

However, Han Li seemed intereste

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