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Dong Xuan’er, who was standing by the side of the gorgeous man, was also enveloped by the man’s rainbow barrier. In an instant, the three had hastily flown back.

A spiteful strike from a Core Formation cultivator was not something the three of them could endure!

The swordlight filled the sky and closely pursued them for about forty meters before suddenly vanishing without a trace. At the same time, the woman’s slender body swayed as if she were about to fall.

The Ghost Spirit Sect’s Young Master and the gorgeous man grew elated upon seeing this and turned their retreat into a charge.

As Han Li watched on from below, his face stiffened and he subconsciously patted his storage pouch. The thirteen “Redline Shadowchaser Needles” flew out, and he quickly drew them back with his hands.

Even if he were to put himself in danger, Han Li couldn’t allow Nangong Wan to wilt before his eyes.

No matter how self-centered and cold-hearted he may be, regardless of whether or not he could contend with the Ghost Spirit Sect’s Young Master and the others, the entirety of his heart and soul urged him to act!

Just as Han Li was about to act and release the flying needles to save the masked woman, the sky abruptly underwent a massive change.

The previously wavering woman that was standing on the sword suddenly regained her bearings, and her eyes glinted with cold light.

Wang Chan and the gorgeous man grew pale. They immediately knew that they had fallen for her ruse, but by the time they wanted to run away, it was already too late.

The woman raised her hands and countless streaks of swordlight soared through the air and completely enveloped the three in blinding white light.

When Han Li saw this, he felt relieved and loosened his grip on his flying needles.

The sky shone with gray light from the masked woman’s swordlight. A bloody cloud and pink light tottered within it like a small boat in a surging storm. However, they still managed to painfully endure. In particular, within the pink light, the gorgeous man and Dong Xuan’er released a strange azure-red light from their hands, offsetting the swordlight’s attack.

Han Li lightly wrinkled his brow and lowered his head in contemplation before silently disappearing.

Meanwhile, the masked woman felt great worry.

She was truly surprised to see that even though she had used a ruse to press the Devil Dao cultivators, her current attack was still unable to deal with the three.

Not long ago, she had fought a great battle against a Devil Dao Core Formation cultivator. Her opponent had nearly succeeded in ending the battle in mutual destruction, depleting her magic power. Although she managed to escape further entanglements afterwards, her heavy injuries had been a cause for great concern.

Even worse, her magic treasure which was inseparably bonded to her soul had suffered serious damage during the previous battle, leaving it unusable for the time being.


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