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Han Li calmly walked out from the Stardust Pavilion a quarter hour later.

He turned his head to look at the huge pavilion with a faint, mysterious smile on his face before continuing on with long strides.

Han Li currently had the “Redthread Shadowchaser Needles” and a jade slip containing the True Essence Pill formula inside his storage pouch.

Moments ago, he had casually asked about the selling price of thousand-year-old spiritual medicine. Instead of taking out any herbs, he took out two boxes each containing a “Face Setting Pill” created from thousand-year-old herbs and handed it over to the young woman.

Han Li vividly remembered the fervent expression of the usually aloof woman when he told her about the Face Setting Pill’s miraculous effect of an unchanging appearance. The sharp contrast with her usual expression had surprised him by no small measure.

Soon after, the young woman called over a pill refinement expert from the Stardust Pavilion to personally confirm the claims. However, none of them had refined such a pill before.

In the end, she brought the two medicine pills to the fifth floor’s Madam Lan to verify the legitimacy of the “Face Setting Pills” as well as their miraculous effect of preserving one’s appearance.

After a whispered discussion, the women decided that Han Li could pay for the pill formula and the magic tool set with the two Face Setting Pills along with a thousand spirit stones.

Now that he thought about it, he felt it was quite funny.

Being able to eternally preserve one’s appearance was a matter that proved extremely enticing and irresistible to women. Even such a clever schemer with such deep cultivation as Madam Lan revealed the same fervent expression as the young woman upon hearing Han Li say the words “Face Setting Pill”. As a result, Han Li came to a complete understanding about how greatly women cared about their appearance.

However, the amount that Han Li had acquired for the Face Setting Pills had far exceeded his estimations.

He had originally believed that the pills would get him two thousand spirit stones at most. Therefore, their offer had left Han Li completely satisfied. Naturally, he didn’t attempt to haggle over the price and ignore their generous offer. It was quite fortunate that the two shopkeepers were women. Were it a male shopkeeper, he would have been quite lucky to get a few hundred spirit stones for them.

After he finished the trade, Madam Lan couldn’t help but ask about the medicine pill’s origin after recovering from her earlier fervor. Han Li thoughtlessly replied, “It was an unintentional discovery,” before making himself scarce.

As Han Li walked out of the Stardust Pavilion, he felt some reluctance.

He knew that since the Stardust Pavilion was able to take out such rarities as pill formulas and the “Redthread Shadowchaser Needles,” they were certain to have even more precious items. It was a pity that he wasn’t able to take out m

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