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After seeing that everyone had crushed their jade slips, Martial Uncle Huang revealed an expression of satisfaction.

His hands then flashed with yellow light, and a small foot-long banner appeared in his hand. The banner was white and glowed with a yellow radiance, rendering its embroidery difficult to discern.

“I will use the Cloud-Wind Banner to mask the traces of your presence. When the enemy arrives, launch your ambush when they are most vulnerable.”

Martial Uncle Huang then lightly shook the small flag in his hands, releasing countless strands of milky-white vapor from his flag. In the blink of an eye, a huge, hundred-meter-wide cloud had appeared, concealing Han Li and company within.

Han Li and the other Foundation Establishment cultivators were pleasantly surprised by the sudden concealment! This cloud was exceptionally thick, but for some unknown reason, their vision wasn’t obstructed in the least. It would serve as exceptionally good cover!

Martial Uncle Huang continued his casting, causing the cloud to further expand. Soon after, they could no longer see anything outside of the cloud.

Han Li was left speechless!

Although his magic tool “Azurefire Miasma” could also turn into a thick cloud, it was incomparable to the Cloud-Wind Banner. Not only was the scope of his Azurefire Miasma smaller, he could only use it on himself; anyone else within it would be poisoned.

With that thought, Han Li couldn’t help but glanceat Martial Uncle Huang.

He was sitting down cross-legged with his eyes shut in the cloud. Two Foundation Establishment cultivators were attentively standing behind him. It seemed that they were his bodyguards.

Han Li stared blankly for a moment. But soon after, he came to the realization that Martial Uncle Huang was using his spiritual sense to scout for enemies. As a Core Formation cultivator’s spiritual sense was great and could detect movements within a radius of a hundred kilometers, he should be capable of detecting them.

Having seen this, Han Li sat on his Divine Wind Boat and rested. The upcoming fight would be incredibly dangerous. Crooked Soul remained motionless behind him, appearing steadfast.

After two hours, Martial Uncle Huang spoke, “The enemy has arrived. We’re about a kilometer away from them. We need to intercept their advance.” He then took off without another word, bringing the cloud with him.

Everyone within the cloud naturally didn’t dare to leave its cover and hurriedly followed after Martial Uncle Huang on their magic tools.

Han Li wrinkled his brow and took out his huge silver sword as he flew, giving it to Crooked Soul. Although he didn’t know how useful it would be, it was still better to try to increase one’s fighting capabilities.

“We are here. The enemy will soon arrive. Everyone, prepare yourselves!” Martial Uncle Huang commanded. After a short moment, the cloud had arrived in the enemy’s path.

Suddenly, everyone’s magic tools starte

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