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Han Li didn’t carefully study the fragments; instead, he carefully swept his surroundings once more. After he was convinced that he hadn’t overlooked anything, he started to think about how he should deal with the huge mantis.

He didn’t want to let this demonic beast slip by. After all, its forelimbs were rare, high-quality crafting materials, not to mention the other parts of its body.

As for subduing the monster alive, Han Li abandoned the thought after some consideration.

He clearly understood that he did not have the experience required to attempt it. Cultivators that control demonic beasts have learned to restrain magic beasts since their childhood and have become extremely familiar with the process. Wanting to vainly keep such a powerful spiritual beast was just wishful thinking.

As for the Controlling Spirit Sect cultivator, he had probably lost control of the mantis when he lost his body and changed appearances. Else, his spirit beast would’ve remained in his control. The spirit beast would’ve loyally served him for a lifetime and never leave him. It was bound to be more loyal than a human.

As for whether Han Li should inform the Seven Sects and their allies of this information, he decided to wait for a few days and listen for any news since he had no way of knowing whether the Controlling Spirit Sect cultivator’s information was genuine or not. After all, he could travel at great speed. Even if he was a few days late, he would be able to arrive at the Seven Sects’ Camp before the deadline.

As a result, Han Li spent a day in the dense forest near the mountain cave, secretly setting up the “Five Elements Reversal Great Formation”.

Han Li didn’t lay out a portion of the great formation in a hurry, like he did at the Imperial Palace. He had set up the formation in its entirety; its power was naturally far greater than before.

At this moment, he saw the huge mantis leave to hunt for food. It had actually brought back a huge black tiger, leaving Han Li astonished.

This was the first time he had seen this kind of black tiger; it was definitely no common beast. However, it was quite unfortunate that this beast had met its end, merely becoming a wholesome meal for the mantis.

Having finished his preparations, Han Li quietly snuck into the mountain cave.

But just a short moment later, he was already rushing out of the cave on his Divine Wind Boat, flying straight toward his formation. A shadow closely pursued him; it was the huge mantis that Han Li had startled.

Because he had placed the formation nearby, Han Li entered the formation’s territory soon after he left the cave. Although the mantis was somewhat intelligent, it couldn’t possibly comprehend the formation spell and was easily trapped within the formation spell.

In the following two days, Han Li allowed the huge mantis to frantically run around within the Five Elements Reversal Formation, fully displaying the effects of the illusionary

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