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Not long after that, Han Li walked out of the tree hollow and flew off.

Han Li was even more cautious this time around. During his entire journey, he used his spiritual sense to its greatest extent. Upon hearing even the wind rustling the grass, he would immediately go into hiding. After all, it would be extremely dangerous to negligently run into a cultivator with his current cultivation.

Thus with paranoid levels of carefulness, Han Li eventually arrived back at his underground cave after taking up nearly twice the time he had been away. Only after he entered his Five Elements Reversal Formation did he truly let out a breath of relief.

As for Crooked Soul, he was still obediently sitting at the side of the formation. When Han Li saw that Crooked Soul had remained in the exact same posture that he had left him in, he couldn’t help but smile.

Han Li knew that restoring his cultivation wasn’t a matter requiring merely three or four years. As such, he didn’t meditate or take any pills to cultivate. Instead, he spent the following days wholeheartedly focused on restoring the ancient transportation formation.

Under his current circumstances, travelling to a country far away was much too dangerous. He could only hope that he would be able to use the ancient transportation formation after restoring it.

Although Han Li’s cultivation had greatly declined, it did not obstruct his restoration work. After a sleepless week, he had completely finished its restoration.

Han Li, a normally cool-headed person, felt his heart stir as he looked at the completed ancient transportation formation.

He was at the most crucial step with regards to failure or success. He had to test whether another transportation formation was safely connected to his. If the other end of the transportation formation was damaged or if it no longer existed, then it would naturally be of no use. He could only bury his thoughts of using the transportation formation and find another path forward.

With that in mind, Han Li calmly placed down low-grade spirit stones one after another on the edge of the transportation formation.

When he finished placing the last spirit stones, Han Li hastily took several steps back and couldn’t help but look on with bated breath.

This ancient formation that was created countless years ago suddenly hummed and flashed with yellow radiance before quickly fading away into darkness.

Han Li’s heart dropped! Could it be that the ancient transportation formation on the other end was disabled? This would mean that everything he had done was a complete waste!

Han Li couldn’t help but reveal complete disappointment. But still, he was unresigned. He began walking in circles around the transportation formation with hands behind his back while occasionally muttering to himself.

He suddenly stopped and tightly creased his brow as if he had thought of something. He then crouched down and picked up the low-grade spirit sto

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