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“Xue Hong!”

One of Chen Qiaoqian’s Senior Martial Brothers loudly grieved for her; it seemed they were pair cultivation partners. He waved his hands, immediately shooting a black light toward the woman’s corpse that madly attacked its surroundings in an attempt to find the demon who killed her.

It could be said that the death of this Senior Martial Sister “Xue Hong” was truly unjust. Were it not for her competitive spirit, she wouldn’t have used her treasure talisman and might still be alive.

Before she attempted to activate the talisman treasure, a light muslin defensive magic tool had been hovering at her side. But, in order to hasten the activation of her treasure talisman and cut down magic power consumption, she had retrieved her magic tool— consequently, leaving herself defenseless andher life forfeit.

It is truly unfortunate that this woman was inexperienced and made such an extremely careless mistake.

Her enemies had turned into light cocoons in front of her, and her fellow sect members surrounded her; as a result, she dared to activate this talisman treasure with an easy heart. Who could have predicted that the Ice Demon would emerge from the cocoon half transformed and immediately turn invisible before targeting her.

At that moment, the woman had been in the final moments of activating the treasure talisman and was incapable of immediately stopping; thus, she had fallen prey to the Ice Demon’smalicious scheme.

When Song Meng had activated his spear treasure talisman, he hadn’t employed any defenses either. However, the might of his talisman treasure was comparatively smaller, enabling him to activate it sooner. Otherwise, he might'vebeen targeted by the concealed Ice Demon instead.

Furthermore, it wasn’t just those two that hadn’t set up any defenses, neither had Han Li nor any of the the others bothered to. They naturally wouldn’t waste any magic power to deploy unnecessary defensive magic tools; after all, the light cocoons were targets incapable of striking back.

They immediately set up defensive barriers with their magic tools after Han Li’s reminder, preventing any further sneak attacks. Cold sweat ran down their backs from seeing Xue Hong’s tragic death; her heart was torn from her chest, leaving her to die in a pool of her own blood.

But what was most distressing, was that regardless of what methods they used, none of them wereable track down this demon.

They occasionally spotted traces of him, but that demon would again disappear before they could react as if he were constantly changing his location at great speed. The Ice Demon was half transparent and would occasionally flicker in and out of their vision in every direction. Even with specialized autonomous magic tools, they were still unable to find a trace of him as if he had completely disappeared.

Suddenly becoming fearful for their safety, they began looking in every direction; they had actually been completely suppressed w

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