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Wang Changqing bitterly smiled in response.

“Immortal Master jests! Although there are a few Immortals with storage pouches, they are incomparably precious. How could they lend them to us mortals and ferry our common items? Furthermore, every transaction between the large islands consist of great quantities. An Immortal’s storage pouch may be wondrous without comparison, but it can only hold so much. Even more so, Immortals wouldn’t do something so beneath their dignity as freighting goods!” Wang Changqing gave Han Li a careful explanation.

Han Li nodded his head without speaking and sunk into contemplation with narrowed eyes.

After a long while, Han Li indifferently said, “Master Gu wishes for me to act on his behalf, but I am powerless to do so. Because my cultivation isn’t high, me agreeing would only shame him. I request that Mister Wang report to Master Gu that he should find someone better qualified. As for the service of bringing me to Stalwart Star Island on his boat, I am able to offer a few spirit stones in remuneration.”

Han Li spoke slowly and clearly, but his voice was cold and detached.

When the old man heard Han Li’s rejection, his face paled slightly.

He then pitifully pleaded, “Great Immortal, please assist my clan’s master! In order to pursue this business, Master Gu already paid a great price to the ship’s staff. Master Gu has also paid a great sum of spirit stones for the right to participate in the challenge. If he does not acquire the qualifications to trade between the great islands, the Gu Clan will surely go bankrupt. Us laborers will also lose our jobs and will have to find different opportunities.”

“My cultivation is truly inferior. Also, I do not wish to provoke any quarrels upon arriving at Stalwart Star Island!” Han Li expressionlessly shook his head in blunt refusal.

Seeing that Han Li’s refusal was certain and that his tone was strict, Wang Changqing didn’t dare to continue his pleading. He could only resolve his spirit and chat about the local customs with Han Li, telling him urgently needed knowledge.

An hour later, Han Li noticed that the old man’s mind was wandering. He sent him away to rest, telling him to come back when his mind was clearer.

Wang Changqing had felt tired for quite some time. Seeing that Han Li had shown him consideration, he didn’t decline and followed his suggestion.

After the old man left and respectfully closed the door, Han Li couldn’t help but sigh. Although he had some wealth on hand and even held some spiritual medicines that benefited mortals, he didn’t have the slightest intention of giving any to the old man. He couldn’t possibly reveal his wealth in this unfamiliar land! Otherwise, he might provoke unnecessary trouble; even fatal disaster wasn’t an unlikely possibility.

With that in mind, Han Li sat down cross-legged on the bed. He then swallowed a “Yellow Dragon Pill” and began refining his Qi.

He must restore his cultivation a

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