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When Han Li heard this, he faintly smiled and immediately explained, “Young Miss Xin has misunderstood. This individual by my side isn’t a living person. He’s just a corpse that I had refined. Once Young Miss Xin inspects him with her spiritual sense, it will be made clear.”

After Han Li said this, he took the initiative to stop and wait for Xin Ruyin to recognize Crooked Soul as a Jiangshi.

A short moment later, Xin Ruyin responded, “Ah, I was mistaken. Senior Han, please come in!”

Xin Ruyin’s tone was apologetic but Han Li paid it no mind, flying forward on his Divine Wind Boat with a smile.

Just as Han Li flew forward, the scene before him brightened as the bamboo rooms that he had seen on his previous trip appeared once more.

Two woman were standing in front of the bamboo rooms: Xin Ruyin and her pretty maid.

While both were wearing pure white clothes, Xin Ruyin’s style of dress left Han Li stunned.

“Widow Xin pay her respects to Senior Han.”

When Xin Ruyin saw Han Li arrive, she stepped forward and gracefully greeted him. However, her haggard appearance raised Han Li’s suspicions.

“There is no need for Young Lady Xin to be so courteous.” Han Li continued on with a few polite niceties.

At this moment, the young maid behind Xin Ruyin stepped forward and greeted Han Li.

Han Li inattentively nodded his head in response.

It was obvious that Xin Ruyin didn’t intend to stand there and have a long chat with Han Li. With a forced smile, she led Han Li to one of the larger bamboo rooms.

Upon entering the room, Han Li was left dumbstruck.

Right beside the door, there was a table with a pitch black memorial tablet with the words “Husband Qi Yunxiao” carved into it in large characters. There was a small incense burner in front of the memorial tablet with several lit incense sticks slowly releasing smoke.

Having seen this, how could Han Li not know what had happened?

Han Li was beyond surprised to find that Qi Yunxiao had actually passed away.

After he had recovered from his shock, he lightly sighed and took the initiative to approach the table. After taking out an incense stick, lighting it, and paying his respects, he placed it inside the incense burner.

“Young Lady Xin, how did this happen?” After he finished paying his respects, Han Li turned his head and asked in a soft voice.

“There is much to say. How about I give Senior Han a proper explanation in another room?” Xin Ruyin said with a feeble voice as the corner of her eyes reddened.

As of now, Xin Ruyin was no longer the intelligent and shrewd woman he remembered. He only saw a pitiful young woman.

In response, Han Li silently nodded his head.

Xin Ruyin then led Han Li to a neighboring room and sat down.

The young maid quickly steeped a pot of tea for Han Li and poured him a cup.

Han Li lightly sipped the fragrant tea before setting down the cup and speaking with a solemn voice, “I truly didn’t expect

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