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Immediately after Han Li agreed to accompany Chen Qianqiao, he felt slight regret.

He had previously came to a clear decision to no longer be tangled with this woman. But now, he had agreed to accompany her for some unknown reason. It seemed he wasn’t as determined as he had thought!

Han Li inwardly shook his head and replied, “Alright. Then how about Senior Martial Sister ride with me in my Divine Wind Boat. We’ll be able to arrive there much faster!”

With that said, Han Li took out his spotless white Divine Wind Boat and invited Chen Qianqiao to ride with him.

When Chen Qiaoqian saw this gesture, she smiled sweetly and entered the boat without any objections.

After a moment of flight, Han Li brought Chen Qiaoqian to the Yuejing’s famed White Chrysanthemum Mountain.

The mountain was covered with all sorts of chrysanthemums, a majority being white. The scene was truly mesmerizing.

Contrary to Han Li’s expectations, Chen Qiaoqian didn’t speak to him after arriving on the mountain. They merely walked along the small mountain path minding their own business. Only when they occasionally saw a particularly breathtaking scene would they stop for a moment.

Han Li did not speak as he followed behind her, dispassionately gazing at her charming body without the slightest shame.

After two hours, Chen Qiaoqian had climbed to the mountaintop and stood on a small pavilion with Han Li to the side.

At that moment, no one was on the mountaintop aside from the two; not even a single traveler. As the two were unwilling to speak, it was extremely quiet.

It was unknown how long this subtle mood continued before Chen Qiaoqian broke it with a few faint words.

“Junior Martial Brother Han, after the great battle is concluded, I fear that I am going to be married off!”

Upon hearing those words, Han Li couldn’t help but tilt his head and reveal an expression of astonishment.

“The groom is a direct lineage disciple of the great Qin cultivator clan, a disciple of Heavenly Imperial Fortress and a cultivator that has just reached Foundation Establishment! I’ve seen him several times and he seems decent. If nothing unexpected occurs, then he will marry into my Chen Clan and become my Dao Companion.” Chen Qiaoqian spoke calmly and turned a blind eye to Han Li’s appearance of amazement.

After a moment, Han Li’s astonishment gradually waned, and with some hesitation, he politely said, “Then I must congratulate Senior Martial Sister Chen on finding a suitable marriage partner! Junior Martial Brother will certainly prepare a gift for you later....!”

It became clear as Han Li started to speak, that Chen Qiaoqian had no intention of listening to his words; those were not the words she had wanted to hear.She trembled for a moment before releasing a disk shaped flying magic tool and flying off with a cold face.

After seeing Chen Qiaoqian disappear into the distance, Han Li motionlessly stood in place with a cold expre

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