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As soon as the curtain of night descended, a group of unexpected visitors flew from the sky into the dark Imperial City. The group consisted of Han Li and eight other Yellow Maple Valley cultivators.

With their magic tools, they arrived above the pitch-black walls of the forbidden city. The leader, Liu Jing, glanced at this so-called forbidden area. After a slight moment of hesitation, he extended his arm forward with great heroism.


Without hesitation or doubt, Liu Jing resolutely said this, before he took the lead and charged in.

When the others saw this, they naturally followed closely behind him. The fear toward the Seven Sect prohibition had long ago been tossed to the back of their minds.

Han Li wasn’t at the front of the charge. Instead, he chose to fly at the back of the group and deliberately fell a bit behind.

This actually wasn’t because of any particular thoughts; rather, this was because he was silently feeling out the “Five Elements Reversal Great Formation” he had installed last night.

When they arrived several kilometers away from the Imperial Palace, the corner of Han Li’s mouth formed a mysterious smile.

Excellent! The great formation was still intact and the Spiritual Qi mark he secretly placed wasn’t damaged in the slightest. This caused Han Li to feel exceptionally happy.

After a moment, the nine of them were hovering above the Imperial Palace as they looked down at the entirety of it.

“Everyone listen up! For this operation, we will act according to our previously discussed arrangements. Our forces will be divided into two groups. The first group will hurry to the current Emperor of Yue’s sleeping quarters and rescue him from the hands of the Black Fiend School, and prevent them from taking the State of Yue’s Emperor as a hostage out of desperation. The second group will head to the cold palace where the Black Fiend School Master is located and first focus on killing the four Great Blood Servants. Then the two teams will regroup before finally subduing the secluded Black Fiend School Master.” With a solemn expression, Liu Jing repeated his plans for the night, causing the listeners to repeatedly nod their heads.

The members of each team have already been decided. The two female cultivators, Chen Qiaoqing and Zhong Weiniang, formed the first group and will be rescuing the Emperor of the State of Yue. Liu Jing and the rest formed the second group and would throw themselves at the four Great Blood Servants that were guarding the cold palace. Han Li was included among them.

“Seventh Junior Martial Sister, Junior Martial Sister Chen, be very careful!” Liu Jing urged them with great concern before they split up.

After the two women gave a solemn response, they flew down to the side. They silently disappearing into the darkness soon after.

“From now on, if anyone sees a cultivator, do not hold back. Any cultivators casually moving about in the Imperial Palace are certa

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