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When they arrived at the rear hall, the old man was standing with his hands held behind his back.

Seeing that the many cultivators had arrived, he said with a calm expression, “Those of you that I had just chosen have good aptitude or have practiced exceptional cultivation arts. As such, you are the spark that will ignite our sect’s revival. Therefore, I will give you all half a day to immediately return and retrieve your items. Afterwards, Martial Nephew Huang will lead you on your journey.”

Everyone was shocked. Someone then asked in bewilderment, “Venerable Ancestor, don’t we still have two more days before the Devil Dao breach our defensive line? Why the hurry?”

“Humph! While it will take two days to break through our defensive line, do you believe that they will allow those left behind to slip away? They will send men past the defensive line to attack the distant sects, most likely with the objective to obstruct our escape rather than extermination. For this reason, we will sacrifice those outside in order to buy time for you to retreat. But if you dare to leak this matter during the time you are to retrieve your items, our retreat will be met with great chaos, and I will have to personally dispose of the sect.” The ancestor’s voice was extremely callous, causing the hearts of those present to tremble.

“Yes, Venerable Ancestor.”


Naturally, Han Li and the others didn’t dare to object. They all respectfully agreed and went out to retrieve their items.

On their way back, Han Li and the small old man parted with much on their minds.

Because Han Li’s Immortal’s cave was too far away, he had to fly at full speed on his Divine Wind Boat.

Han Li’s heart was in turmoil.

According to what Ancestor Ling Hu said, Han Li would no longer have to worry about his well-being. If they were to move to another country, he would be regarded as valuable due to the fact that manpower was lacking.

But at the same time, they would have to conquer territory in a new country in order to establish Yellow Maple Valley. As one of the remaining Foundation Establishment cultivators, Han Li would be preoccupied with miscellaneous affairs. He would no longer have much time remaining to cultivate!

Presumably, when this matter had been settled and the six sects have reestablished themselves, he would’ve already come across an opportunity to advance to the Core Formation stage. However, Han Li was unwilling to deal with these troublesome affairs for such a long period of time.

But as Han Li entertained the idea of making his escape, he had no idea whether or not he was still being observed by that old eccentric’s spiritual sense. He didn’t know if his actions could still be observed at this distance. If this were the case, he would be certain to meet a tragic end if he deserted.

Han Li felt great regret. Had he known that the situation had deteriorated to this degree, he definitely would’ve fled the country instead of

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