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The four beasts exchanged a glance before opening their mouths in unison, releasing countless black wind blades that swept toward the crimson giants like a torrential storm.

In contrast with normal wind blades, these ones seemed to be phasing in and out of existence as they surged through the air, and upon striking the crimson giants, large chunks of their bodies would instantly vanish amid flashes of black light.

The four beasts themselves also sprang forward behind the wind blades, then swept their front limbs through the air to unleash lethal black blade projections.

However, the crimson giants were completely fearless as they reached out with their massive hands, releasing a burst of fierce blood Qi. At the same time, the tentacles on their backs also transformed into a blood barrier before them.

Countless wounds were instantly inflicted upon the giants, indicating that they were clearly no match for the Mythical Black Beasts, but with their immortal bodies, they were able to instantly regenerate regardless of how grievous their injuries were.

Even though the Mythical Black Beasts held a clear upper hand, they were rather fearful of the giants' crimson tentacles, and thus, an impasse ensued.

"Master, I'll go and face those Mythical Black Beasts. They're quite troublesome to deal with, but I just so happen to know some of their weaknesses," Yang Deer said in a respectful manner.

"There's no need for that. Those four blood spirits were only recently refined, so it wouldn't hurt for them to face powerful opponents. I have another task for you," Ma Liang replied.

"What is it, Master?" Yang Deer asked.

"If I'm not mistaken, this formation should have a pair of formation cores; go and destroy one of them for me. As soon as the formation cores are destroyed, I'll no longer have to use most of my magic power to resist the formation's restrictions, and I'll be able to take care of all of these opponents with ease," Ma Liang said.

"As you wish, Master. May I ask how you plan to deal with the other formation core?" Yang Deer asked in a hesitant manner.

"Hmph, just do what I tell you to do; there's no need for you to worry about the other formation core," Ma Liang harrumphed coldly as his expression darkened slightly.

A chill ran down Yang Deer's spine, and it hurriedly said, "Forgive me for asking unnecessary questions, Master; I'll set off to destroy a formation core right away."

"Hold on, I have some things to give you."

Ma Liang raised a hand as he spoke, and a ball of azure light emerged from the giant umbrella above the river of blood, forming another miniature umbrella that was several inches in size. He then pointed a finger at his own glabella, upon which a translucent bead emerged.

"Take these with you. This sensory bead contains the location of the formation core I just detected. Take it with you, and I'll be able to monitor your situation from here as well. As for this Azure Chaos

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