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Yang Deer's expression changed drastically upon hearing this, and he looked around to find that there was faint black Baleful Yin Qi stretching as far as the eyes could see.

On top of that, he discovered that he could only release his spiritual sense to encompass a radius of less than 10 kilometers.

"Don't worry, we had already anticipated that the powerful beings on this continent would try this. This plays right into my hands; once I brush these fools aside, no one in the entire Spirit Realm would dare to plot against me," Ma Liang said with a cold smile.

"Be careful, Master. According to my knowledge, the He Lian Trade Guild is extremely powerful, and if they were to make a last-ditch effort, they would definitely be able to bring out many formidable trump cards," Yang Deer cautioned.

"How could an organization in a lower realm possibly pose a threat to me? Even if they also knew the method to activate chains of laws, it would be useless on this occasion," Ma Liang scoffed in a nonchalant manner.

Yang Deer naturally didn't dare to say anything further upon seeing Ma Liang's confident display.

At this point, the river of blood and the flying boat had already entered deep into Baleful Cry Point.

All of a sudden, the flying boat abruptly blurred before vanishing mid-flight.

Ma Liang's pupils contracted slightly upon seeing this, and the entire river of blood also drew to a halt at his behest.

A wary look appeared on Yang Deer's face, and the suit of yellow armor immediately emerged over his body.

Right at this moment, bursts of loud rumbling rang out in all directions as clouds of black Baleful Yin Qi surged forth.

A series of flags also appeared in the surrounding area before instantly swelling to over 1,000 feet in size, surrounding the entire river of blood like a ring of giant trees.

At the same time, a round azure moon appeared in the sky, atop which stood around a dozen humanoid figures, all of whom were appraising the river of blood with grim expressions.

These were none other than the Grand Ascension Stage beings assembled by Ming Zun, and the Six-winged Frost Centipede and the Ice Phoenix were also among them.

Ma Liang's expression remained unchanged as he glanced at the giant flags, then suddenly thrust a palm toward a certain direction.

A resounding boom rang out as a massive crimson palm that was around an acre in size emerged from the river of blood before thrusting toward the same direction.

Five-colored light flashed from the giant flags, converging to form a massive five-colored light mirror.

The massive crimson palm struck the mirror before vanishing into it in complete silence.

At the same time, the giant palm appeared in a secluded corner of Baleful Cry Point before striking a plot of empty land in a vicious manner, creating a huge crater that was several kilometers in size amid an earth-shattering boom.

A hint of surprise appeared on Ma Liang's face

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