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In the blink of an eye, the blood cloud behind him chased Han Li’s streak of white light for over fifty kilometers. However, the distance between the two gradually shrank to about thirty meters.

As Han Li inwardly complained without end, Wang Chan who was chasing him on the blood cloud was greatly amazed!

Although the Great Blood Spirit Arts blood evasion technique did not dare to proclaim itself as the fastest among the six sects, its speed was certainly among the top five secret arts in all the sects, much faster than that top-grade flying magic tools. But even though he was using the complete strength of his flying evasion technique, he was unable to overtake Han Li’s small boat by now. While this surprised Wang Chan, his desire to kill also grew stronger.

Han Li knew that if this wild rush continued, in the time it took to make a cup of tea, he would likely be caught. He had to do something now!

Thus, his hand touched his storage pouch, and a stack of elementary fireball talismans appeared in his hand. Without thinking much further, he madly threw them behind him and continued his wild rush forward. He immediately heard the sounds of explosion behind him.

Han Li couldn’t help but turn his head to look!

He only saw the front of that vigorous, wild blood cloud. It seemed to have scattered from the explosions and appeared a bit thinner, faintly revealing the figure of the Ghost Spirit Sect’s young master.

Han Li felt joy. Just as he wanted to throw out the rest of his talismans, inside the blood cloud, Wang Chan suddenly moved his hand. A green light flew straight toward Han Li and grew larger as it approached. This was Wang Chan’s flying magic tool that he originally stepped on.

With no better option, Han Li immediately threw them at the green pitchfork instead of towards the blood cloud. Twenty to thirty fireballs exploded in rapid succession against the huge pitchfork covered in black Qi. It tumbled several times in succession and was unable to further approach.

But during this moment of interference, the blood cloud had once again returned to its original form, wildly dancing like a furious flame.

At this moment, Wang Chan suddenly let out several sharp whistles to the sky. Following these heaven-piercing whistles, the blood cloud suddenly increased dramatically in size. In an instant, it nearly filled the entire sky; its influence had actually become nearly omnipresent.

Immediately after, the overflowing blood cloud increased its speed by several times. As if it were a violent tsunami rushing down a mountain, it arrived in front of the Divine Wind Boat. Furthermore, with the sudden increase in speed, it surrounded and trapped Han Li in midair.

Frightened, Han Li hastily stopped his Divine Wind Boat from colliding with the blood cloud and took out a magic tool that appeared to be jet black claw from his storage pouch. At this moment, that strange green pitchfork silently attacked from behind.

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