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The person Han Li thought of was naturally Qi Yunxiao, whom he had made a pact with several years ago.

Since Qi Yunxiao, a friend and formation spell master, was proficient in the “Five Elements Reversal Formation”, surely he should be very knowledgeable about other formations. This ancient transportation formation could also be considered a formation spell. As such, perhaps this friend of his could help him restore the formation.

As Han Li thought of this, his heart felt greatly moved. After thinking about the dates, he realized that the day the two had arranged to meet again shouldn’t be far away. However, he could be dispatched on a mission at any time, so he wouldn’t be able to immediately leave to go find him. It seemed he had not choice but to postpone the trip.

After a moment of contemplation, Han Li felt slightly disheartened and was no longer in the mood to further look through formation spell books, returning to his Immortal’s cave.

Returning to his Immortal’s cave, Han Li discovered that the spider eggs had grown larger. It seemed the spirit well spring was quite effective at accelerating their incubation.

When Han Li saw this, he immediately drew a simple spirit-controlling spell formation, a cultivator’s basic method for controlling infant demonic beasts. He then bled several drops of essence blood into the spell formation and placed the spider eggs within. The spell formation took effect, and the two white eggs absorbed the essence blood. Han Li then placed them back into spirit spring.

As Han Li finished this, a sound transmission talisman arrived and told him to go the main hall without delay.

His heart trembled. He knew his assignment has finally come.


On the main battlefield between the Seven Sects of the State of Yue and the Six Sets of the Devilish Dao, at a patch of stones in the Golden Drum Plains at the common border between the States of Yue and Che Ji, Han Li was controlling two streaks of light formed from his Black Dragon’s Grasp and several golden blades. He was madly attacking an early Foundation Establishment disciple from the Ghost Spirit Sect at all sides.

Although the black Qi on his opponent's body surged formidably and had several human skulls faintly howling around him, under the violent storm of attacks from Han Li’s two magic tools, Han Li quickly found an opening and chopped him into pieces.

Han Li skillfully snatched the other’s storage pouch from his body. Yet another person had disappeared from this boundless wasteland.

By the time he reaped his harvest, the sky had already turned dark. As usual, the Core Formation cultivators of the Devil Dao and the Seven Sects should have come out to fight.

If the battle spread to his location, he was certain to die an unjust death!

Han Li recalled a battle between Core Formation cultivators that he had previously witnessed with his own eyes; Fear still lingered in his heart!

The magic battle between the

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