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Han Li felt that if he told Mo Fengwu that Mo Caihuan and her mother had disappeared, he would be telling her far too much.

So long as Mo Fengwu knew that her family still lived in this word, that was enough! Whether or not this girl would be able to meet with Mo Caihuan and her mother depended on the world.

Han Li then briefly recounted the events of how he came across Mo Caihuan, causing Fengwu to nearly cry tears of joy.

Mo Fengwu clearly understood that because of Han Li’s identity as an Immortal cultivator, he didn’t need to fabricate such lies to deceive such a weak girl as herself. The reason why the other party was being so polite to her was most likely due to that fated meeting with him so many years ago.

Thus, Mo Fengwu brought her hands together in joy and raised them to her chest, silently praying for a moment before returning to her normal state.

However, her expression toward Han Li was clearly no longer as cold as before.

She clearly realized that in all likelihood, were it not for Han Li’s assistance at Yan Ling Castle, Lady Yan and her daughter would still be in a predicament!

“Many thanks to Young Master Han telling me about the whereabouts of Caihuan and fourth mother.” After Mo Caihuan calmed down, she slowly gave her thanks.

But without waiting for Han Li to reply, she said, “Although my younger sister and her mother are alright, the whereabouts of my eldest sister and my other mothers are unknown. They’ve most likely fallen to some evil scheme. Fengwu cannot help but want to avenge them! However, Fengwu lacks the strength. Can Junior Martial Brother Han help me?”

Mo Fengwu’s words revealed a feeble appearance. A layer of fog covered her eyes in an instant, as if she were about to sob from grief.

When Han Li saw this, he stoked his nose and felt a headache!

He originally thought that if she knew of Mo Caihuan and her mother’s whereabouts, she wouldn’t be so anxious to take revenge. But he didn’t think that Mo Fengwu, whom he hadn’t seen for so many years, would become to strongly attached to this matter!

To tell the truth, killing a Qi Condensation cultivator would be far easier than killing a mortal with status for no reason.

Han Li learned the reason why after he entered Yellow Maple Valley. It turned out that all the many provinces of the State of Yue had been clearly divided between several large clans and the Seven Great Sects.

So long as a powerhouse of great influence had existed for some time within a province, cultivators would secretly pay some attention to them. Some would even be provided assistance from cultivators

Originally, the Lan Province’s Mo Estate and the Hegemon’s Villa were new and developing powers. Thus, they weren’t contacted by cultivators. Else, when Han Li was sent to kill the Hegemon’s Villa’s Ouyang Feitian, how could he have gotten away so easily without being investigated?

However, the Rainbow Sect was different.

That sect h

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