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The Yan Clan Ancestor and Confucian Scholar both waited for a while before the Ghost Spirit Sect’s young master and Yan Ruyan walked into the debate hall.

“Since my Yan Clan has already agreed to an alliance with your esteemed sect, does young sect master have any other comments?” When the Yan Clan’s Martial Ancestor opened his mouth again, he was obviously much milder; clearly, he was avoiding the fact that the Yan Clan would be a subordinate of the Ghost Spirit Sect in the future.

“Why does Elder Yan need to act so ceremoniously? Since Ruyan and I are now under a life and death oath, this can be considered our wedding contract! Elder Yan, in the future you can just call me Wang Chan; you don’t have to call me young sect master!” Wang Chan said as gracefully as the wind after gently bowing in greeting.

“How can this be allowed? You and Ruyan’er have yet to wed each other, so how can I be so disrespectful to the young sect master? After all, the Yan clan now is about to become a branch of the Ghost Spirit Sect,” the Yan Clan Martial Ancestor expressionlessly refuted, shaking his head and twirling the short beard hairs on his chin.

Hearing the Yan Clan’s Martial Ancestor speak like that, the Ghost Spirit Sect’s young master knew that the other person’s wariness towards him had not been completely dispelled yet; thus, he didn’t force the issue and laughed, then said:

“In reality, the reason why Wang Chan asked Martial Ancestor to come with Miss Ruyan and meet again was because I wanted to ask how Martial Ancestor was preparing to fulfill the arrangement. After all, in five days our six sects are going to officially attack the State of Yue. At that time, if the Yan Clan doesn’t promptly leave, it will become somewhat complicated.”

“Young sect master can rest assured concerning this matter; although our Yan Clan appears to have many clan members, in reality we will abandon a few outer clan members who are too far removed from the bloodline, as well as commoners with no magic power. After all, transferring all the clan members at once is not quite realistic! The Yan Clan is very clear about this matter!” said the Confucian scholar first.

“Since Yan Clan is prepared to sacrifice, this junior now can rest assured. After all, if the Yan Clan were to move all at once, it would be impossible to not be noticed by the Seven Sects; at that time, your leaked reputation won’t be good! This individual should be the Yan Clan’s Master Xuan Ye, the ‘Hundred Untold Secrets’. It’s an honor to meet you at last!” the young sect master of the Ghost Spirit Sect gently laughed and said as the eyes behind his mask sized up the Confucian Scholar.

The Confucian Scholar’s heart couldn’t help but tremble upon seeing that the other person had called out his name and title with one glance. However, his face still wore a calm expression.

“Junior wanting to find Martial Ancestor was not just this; I also want to know how Yan Clan is planning o

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