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“You can’t withstand it! Quickly, dodge!”

Resisting sharp pain, Steward Wang loudly shouted while in Han Li’s grasp in an attempt to warn the young prince.

Obviously, his warning came too late.

Hearing this, the young prince subconsciously leaned to the side, wanting to dodge the point of the huge azure sword. However, the sword suddenly changed its cleave to a slice, softly sweeping past his legs. The black Qi protecting his body scattered from the attack and didn’t have the slightest of effect.

As a result, the sword sliced through his two calves with great ease. The young prince loudly shouted, fainting on the scene.

This person who had lived a life of luxury since birth, though he may be exceptionally shrewd, had never experienced such sufferings before. Naturally, he wasn’t able to bear the pain of lacerated legs.

However, this scene scared Han Li; because he hadn’t used the azure essence sword streak in so long, he believed that he had accidentally killed him!

After figuring out what just happened, Han Li happily laughed as he picked this person up and flew back to the Four Friends of Meng Mountain.

Han Li grew very cheerful from his decisive victory, but at the same time, he felt somewhat puzzled.

From the feeling of danger the young prince and Steward Wang gave him, these two should’ve been far more dangerous. However, he was able to capture them alive very easily. Could it be that his mysterious intuition had started to fail him?

Han Li shook his head and felt something was strange.

At this moment, the black-clothed men lingering around had witnessed this scene and knew that remaining there any longer would be unfavorable. After exchanging mutual glances, they started to scatter and escape in the blink of an eye, leaving behind no traces of them ever being there.

Han Li had no intention of chasing after them. There were only foreign elements, much like the Four Friends of Meng Mountain. They were fundamentally unworthy of a strenuous pursuit.

As he thought this, he flew back to the Four Friends of Meng Mountain and casually threw down his two captives, saying indifferently, “Treat their injuries. We still need to interrogate them!”

The youth and the second brother immediately acted, catching the two. They didn’t dare to show the slightest negligence.

At this moment, not only did the Four Friends of Meng Mountain appear respectful, but their hearts were also filled with reverence toward him. Han Li’s recent display of great and profound power left them with an unforgettable impression.

“Senior’s cultivation is truly profound. It has greatly broadened these juniors’ perspective,” the dark-faced old man said with complete respect.

“It was nothing but minor skill!”

When Han Li saw the four friends’ expressions of reverence, he couldn’t help but feel somewhat proud. However, he put on an appearance that such a thing wasn’t worth mentioning, causing the four to feel that

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