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“Humph! Your esteemed self infiltrated this room with great stealth, yet you still dare to mystify yourself! See if this humble Daoist doesn’t...” The old Daoist had long been accustomed to flattery from his recent days in the Prince’s residence and instinctively reacted, yelling with a stern voice.

However, after he used the Heaven’s Eye Technique tolookat Han Li, his originally furious face immediately became frozen and turned white soon after.

“Your... your esteemed self is a Foundation Establishment Senior?”

The old man stuttered, unwilling to believe it.

“Didn’t you alreadydetermine that with yourmagic technique?” Han Li indifferently said this with a controlled smile on his face.

“Senior do not blame me! This Junior had never seen a Senior who had cultivated to Foundation Establishment before. The highest I have seen were Qi Condensation cultivators of the eleventh or twelfth layer. I was truly incapable of judging Senior’s cultivation! I only knew that Senior’s cultivation is unfathomably deep!” When the old Daoist heard him, he hastily extinguished his fireball as if he had woken from a dream. He stepped forward with a salute and repeatedly explained with a careful, apologetic smile on his face.

Han Li was surprised that the old Daoist hadn’t exposed fear like the old man Xiao had. Instead, he faintly revealed a sense of excitement.

But after some thought, Han Li clearly understood the other party’s thoughts.

This white-haired old Daoistwas part the prime of his life butstill lingering at the sixth layer. He was most likely a rogue cultivator with extremely poor aptitude. As such, he was unable to meet cultivators with profound magic power. Even if he weren’t a rogue cultivator, he only interacted with Daoist brothers with cultivation bases similar to his own.

Now that he saw such a high-level cultivator, he naturally regarded it as such a fortuitous encounter that was hard to come by. He mostly likely planned to fish up some benefits.

Having thought this, Han Li couldn’t help but smile. If the other party was able to satisfy him, he wouldn’t mind giving him a few benefits.

Han Li immediately turned his gaze to the old Daoist and leisurelysaid, “Your guess is correct. I really am a Foundation Establishment cultivator!”

When the old white-haired Daoist heard Han Li’s words, his expression became even more respectful. Naturally, the happiness in his eyes grew a bit stronger as well.

“I don’t know why Senior suddenly appeared here.Does Senior wish to command this Junior to take care of a certain matter?” the old Daoist respectfully asked.

This person was on the right track. He knew that if he wanted to receive a few benefits from Han Li, he naturally had to do something in return.

When Han Li heard this, he expressed satisfaction, and with a faint smile, he said, “First let's talk about your origins. Today I saw your show at the Prince’s residence. Your fire-controlling technique

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