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Prince Xin looked at the cheering crowd with a smile, feeling content in his heart.

With regards to cultivators, they used to appear before great noble and influential clans. But for some unknown reason, they gradually stopped, not making much contact with the mortal world. As such, people such as the Immortal Master quickly became the stuff of folklore. Even as a kin of the royal family, this was the first cultivator Prince Xin had seen with his own eyes.

The shocking display of magic techniques that the old Daoist revealed naturally caused Prince Xin to feel great face.

Of course, Prince Xin did not know that during the period when cultivators still appeared in the secular world, the cultivation world had yet to establish the Great Immortal Ascension Assembly.

During those times, low-level rogue cultivators as well as those from cultivation clans with no hope for Foundation Establishment gave up their aspirations and wished to live out their lives in the mortal world in wealth and splendor. However, with the appearance of the Great Immortal Ascension Assembly, cultivators could fight for their hopes of reaching Foundation Establishment. With this assembly, why would they choose to appear in the mortal world ever again? Naturally, they would be bitterly cultivating in seclusion deep within the mountains.

Of course, those without the heart to cultivate like Yu Zhitong, who became a depraved cultivator in the secular world, were an exception, and their numbers were quite few. They would become honored guests of great, affluent noble clans and enter complete seclusion, not daring to allow outsiders to know of their presence.

After all, to become a guest of some mortal clan was a matter that would cause extreme loss of face in the cultivation world.

As such, although it wasn’t rare for cultivators to appear in the secular world, those willing to associate with influential nobles and become their esteemed guests were extremely few in number. Also, the cultivators who mingled with mortals kept all knowledge of their actions extremely concealed in order to prevent their fellow cultivators from looking down on them.

This crowd of guests truly hadn’t seen other cultivators before. Naturally, they drew the frightening conclusion that the old Daoist was a celestial being from his beautiful fire-manipulation technique.

Under everyone's gaze, the white-haired old man returned to the large hall with a proud appearance.

At this moment, these people couldn’t wait to be tested and impatiently called out to him as “Immortal Master”. They immediately crowded about him, wanting Immortal Master Wu to examine them for spiritual roots.

With vigorous spirit, the old white-haired Daoist looked through everyone who remained without refusing anyone.

Unfortunately, the juniors of the Hua Clan and the Qin Clan didn’t have any spiritual roots; they were only but common mortals.

This information dealt a heavy blow to those

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