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This teahouse wasn’t large. It was only a single story building with three rooms. Before having even entered, Han Li could already smell the fragrant scent of tea!

Han Li was somewhat surprised. Although Han Li didn’t not understand much about the intricacies of tea, he felt a slight trace of Spiritual Qi from the tea fragrance.

His heart stirred, and he did not hesitate to enter any further.

The three rooms were arranged side to side with one large room and two small. At this moment, it was filled with groups of three to four tea guests. The tea shop didn’t have any empty seats, so seven to eight differently dressed patrons peacefully waited at the side.

Even though the tea shop had many guests inside, there wasn’t a single person making a ruckus.

The majority of them softly closed their eyes and sipped the fragrant tea before them. There were only a few people who were whispering.

On the wall of the largest room at the center, a several-meter-long yellow paper banner hung from the top of the wall. On it was written, “Every guest is limited to one pot per day” in large and bold calligraphy; it was quite eye-catching.

When Han Li saw this, he found it funny. This was the first time he heard of those making a living from selling food or drink limiting the quantities that others could buy.

However, he only laughed away and didn’t take the trouble to think of it further. Instead, he swept his gaze across the room and immediately spotted a person appearing to be the shopkeeper pacing back and forth in a corner.

This should be the tea shop’s shopkeep. He appeared to be over forty years old and had short facial hair, giving him an exceptionally shrewd appearance.

At this moment he was standing at the front counter, using an abacus with a lowered head. From time to time, he turned his head to look at his ledger.

Han Li walked several steps over and stood in front of the desk, remaining calm and silent. This caused the shopkeep to look up with a bit of surprise.

Once he clearly saw Han Li, his expression immediately changed. He hastily put his abacus and ledger to the side and left the front counter.

With slight reverence, he respectfully asked, “Is there any matter this Junior may help Senior with? This one will spare no effort!”

This shopkeep was unexpectedly a cultivator in addition to a shopkeep, but his cultivation was pathetically low. He was only at the fourth layer of Qi Condensation.

Now that he was facing a senior with unfathomably deep cultivation, his heart was naturally restless.

Han Li didn’t say anything further, He lightly wiped against the desk counter with his sleeve pocket, leaving behind a sparkling azure jade pendant on the counter.

When the shopkeep saw this jade pendant, he stared blankly at it. But soon after, he said with an expression of pleasant surprise, “So it turned out to be Senior Han. This Junior is lacking in manners! Young Master Qi has already told m

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